Can someone review my Setup before I purchase?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by zizou21, Oct 11, 2010.

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    Growing in this

    Vortex 6 inch 449 CFM High Power Inline Fan -
    Using Vortex 6"

    Router Speed Control
    with speed control so I can keep it as quiet as possible.

    Using Cooltube 6"
    High Tech Garden Supply

    With digital Ballast
    High Tech Garden Supply

    What do you guys think about the prices? Reasonable?

    Only thing I am unsure of is the bulbs. I only plan on growing 1 plant, or 2 MAX. Should I get one 250W HPS and one 250 MH bulb? Does brand matter?

    I can't find a 6" carbon filter at a good price. Anyone know where I can get one under $50?

    Almost done. Cheers guys you have been so helpful :smoke:
  2. Dunno if the router speed contoller will work. It might. But you can get a speed or thermo controller from greners for 40 or 60 bucks

    you will never find a carbon filter for that price. Make your own. It's easy and in your price range

    get both of the bulbs. Unless you get a conversion bulb. But it's so expensive. Better to just purchase both. One to grow your plant and one to flower. Unless you plan to just flower,then Your plants will be small
  3. I suspect you'll materials to light proof the doors of that cabinet, could be wrong haven't seen it.
  4. for that price.. just get a tent.... works better.. like the previous poster said.. your going to spend hours of your life just locking out light leaks....
  5. no their not light proof at all.. cabs like that make for alot of work... some will disagree.. easier to just do a tent...

    the lights seem are they cheap.... you should get four or five of em, if they will work... i'd hate to say yes..... they seem to be the wrong kelvin... others would know more than me
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    Unfortunately that link doesn't have 250W bulbs. What kind of Kelvin range should I be looking for?

    The Fan filter combo on that link doesn't work. I've heard to definitely go with Vortex and avoid lesser brands.

    Also, I can't use a tent because it's not inconspicuous.
  7. Hmm looks like HTG got rid of the fan filter combo that i use, it was $185 total including S+H and it works very well for cooling a 6x6x6 room with 1k watts. You might want to consider going to a 4" vortex since that light is small and so is the cab, it would probably take care of the ventilation just fine and leave you some extra money for a carbon filter.

    Looks like the HPS should is perfect but the MH is junk you want 5500k to 6500k for a MH.

    As far as the conspicuous nature of the tent goes, its gonna take a hell of a long time and work to get that cabinet to an inconspicuous point, light proofing those double doors is gonna be a bitch and the sound that's gonna be coming out of the dresser is gonna be more than noticeable im sure. Im not saying its not doable but its gonna take a hell of a lot of work to make it completely stealth.
  8. Well, that's why I want to get a 6" vortex with a speed controller instead of a 4" vortex so I can keep the noise down to a minimum.

    Thanks for the bulb info :]
  9. Hm, something else that just popped into my mind is that the wood of the cabinet might be a fire hazard. I don't have fire sprinklers in my house, and I am gone for most of the day so the fire alarm in the hallway would be pretty much useless.

    Is this something I should be concerned about having 250W bulbs? :|
    Are grow tents fire proof?
  10. I'm going to bump this once, because I'm really worried a 250W bulb inside a wooden cabinet might be a fire hazard :|

    Will getting the highest quality bulbs help reduce the chance of the bulb exploding and catching the cabinet on fire? :p
  11. You don't really have to worry about the bulb exploding unless you hit it with water while its on, but fire is always an issue when dealing with suchs large amounts of heat and no i don't believe the tent would be any safer than the wooden cab. You could try coating what ever you grow in with flame retardent spray - Google zoeken
  12. Thanks, i'l definitely use some of that to ease my mind a bit :smoke:

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