can someone please

Discussion in 'General' started by BluntSmoka420, May 15, 2011.

  1. assassinate lady gaga
  2. Or atleast check to see if shes actually a woman
  3. She's nasty as fuck and her music is annoying
  4. you know i just want to buil a hot air ballon and get the fuck out of here man
    go to some place were i can rest and smoke man you know what i mean?
  5. Cool opinion bro
  6. Yes I know exactly what you mean, with rivers of beer...ahhh the good life
  7. I don't care much for her music unless I'm drunk and feel like dancing, even then I can only listen to one or two songs before I turn that shit off.

    I appreciate her style though, kudos for being herself.
  8. dont watch her music videos and listen to her music

  9. ever try just not minding or dismissing the stuff in life you dont like? so you dont allow it to rule/annoy you in the first palce?try it..its called being positive and not hateful for no reason
    plenty of things deserve to be hated..but lady gaga come on, and p.s. im not a fan but props to her for being her
  10. If you don't like her then don't waste your time thinking about her, silly!

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