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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by claykid69, May 4, 2006.

  1. ok i went to home depo and i seen some stuff there and i wanted to know if u could use it to grow 1 i want to know if u could use this or will it not work right [​IMG] and could someone tell me if u could use this light thanks [​IMG]
  2. Im not really one to give advise as i dont have much experience doing this yet, but i think that you should search around these forums for awhile...there is TONS of information on what lights/ferts to use ect.
  3. Listen man, anything will do for your first grow. I mean, if you want to produce an indoor farm and resupply New York city, then you'll have to do some research on which equipment to buy. On my first grow, I had one plant, one pot, one home Philips grow light, a sink with tapwater, and a bag of Miracle Gro fertilizer. I ended up with a beautiful plant that produced a good ounce and a half of premium homegrown bud. Just grow it :)
  4. that fertilizer is fine - just use it at 1/4 strength and slowly work your way up.

    That light is junk. Take it back and get a CFL. Read these forums. If you had, you wouldn't have bought that light.
  5. I agree with skydom, the experience is what ya need. u'll do fine. use the fert in moderation, one of the biggest mistakes is over feeding. As ya learn u will graduate towards a better system that is designed to the way U grow. hope it helps
  6. can some one please help me with cfl's let me know how many watts to get cause there is so many and some brands that are good
  7. If ya have the money get a HPS over a cfl, and if ya really want to shine get a electronic ballast. The only things cfl's have is lack of heat . Lumens? hands down HPS.
  8. go to home depot and get the 150 watt reflector then purchase a 85 watt bulb from this site plant atleast 4or 5 seedlings so you can end up with atleast 2 females also purchase 1 more 150 watt reflector and 85 watt buld for flowering now in the future you will never have to worry about vegging if you choose to purchase a 400 watt which you will good luck and happy growing

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