Can someone help me out pls?

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  1. I've cheese, gorilla glue#4 & a couple mixed up ransoms I'll workout what they could be later if I ever get these into flower?!
    Basically topped the gg but weirdly @ the same time I started to see a deficiency across too many plants! Tested all ph/ Cf run off & spot on. The RH is always spot on. I've got co2 @ accurate ppm constant & good exchanges of air ( intake/ outake) obviously a few oscillating fans inside. All of this is inside 2m x 2m x150 budbox. These cheese are clones I've grown b4 & I know this strain well enough that it can handle a fair amount of stress! The #4 GG is a new grow for me. These girls originally where under x2 1000w LeD's, I was testing. 1 light failed, so I switched over x2 315 cmd. Now I've turned one of 315w off. Thinking light or heat stress?? Triggering perhaps another deficiency?? Theres enough distance between this 1 light & these plants but the new growth is too small & yellowing. Temp is up couple extra for the co2. Is this 1 315w cmd too bright? Surely not @ this distance apart?
    Sos... please help with this!! 20190805_150732.jpg 20190805_150723.jpg 20190807_174822.jpg 20190808_091841.jpg 20190808_091822.jpg 1565256372853.jpg 1565256410341.jpg 1565256480497.jpg 1565256514026.jpg 1565256606472.jpg

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