Can someone help me on how to make "Syrup"

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  1. hey, ive been trying to find out what to get to make syrup.

    i know i need codeine and promethazine but idk where to get that

    what are the best OTC thigns to use to make it?

    any advice would be helpful, thanks
  2. uhhh, you cant make Lean from OTC things, unless you some sorta super-stoner-chemist.
  3. like ole alex said, its impossible to make lean with OTC drugs. You gotta get a doc to prescribe you a bottle of either promethazine and codiene together or separate and then mix, of course thats the most common lean. One time my homie got a bottle of Liquid demerol and Liquid hydro and a bottle of promethazine, now that was some serious lean,lol.
  4. yeah you can't make real lean off otc drugs. people make fake shitty lean with dxm containing cough medicines....

    when i had my bottle of drank it contained DPH(very similar to dramamine), codeine syrup and mixed it with sprite. it was madd funnnnn
  5. well in some states arent there some tylenol with codeine in it? correct me if I'm wrong but couldnt you do some sort of CWE
  6. I'm fairly sure that there are no OTC codeine combinations in the U.S. In other countries though, yes you could do that. Still it would be stupid to take that codeine and somehow make it into a syrup.

    I'm not certain that OTC codeine is illegal in every state, just pretty confident, but if anyone knows for sure feel free to say otherwise.
  7. i think that's only in canada
  8. Ah well i stand corrected. It'd be sweet if i could get some tylenol with codeine in it:D
  9. I got prescribed Tylenol with codeine here in NY when I got pretty sick.
  10. yeah if that were possible my friend would jack mad bottles and do a CWE like no other lol
  11. Just Curious was it Codeine with tylenol or Tylenol with Codeine..There is a difference
  12. Lolll... Well all you need is an opium poppy farm, and to be stupid enough to extract the codeine instead of just using the opium.

    Superredneck98, there's not... In some places you can buy OTC stuff that requires cold water extraction to safely use recreationally, but the tylenol with codeine series, going 1-4, is usable recreationally with no extraction, unless you've got some decent toelrance, and then it should still be easy with cold water extraction.
  13. What would that difference be? :confused:
  14. CWE doesn't work on codeine.
  15. tylenol with codeine=tylenol is way more prevalent then codeine which means you will die before you get high

    codeine with tylenol=more codeine then tylenol so it has some recreational value
  16. Well what i was meaning was that prescription codeine as tylenol in it as opposed to OTC tylenol with codeine which i assumed would be less codeine then prescribed codeine or so I though anyway
  17. Either way CWE is the best bet. And speedball, yeah it does work. Codeine is water soluble.
  18. Yea, true lean is prescribed from doctors.
    If i remember correctly its called Promethazine VC Codeine
    I guess you could mix Prometh. and Codeine but it wouldn't be true lean.
    If you wanna have some real fun, dip a blunt in some lean, put a light on it and let it dry...... toke that shit up.
    I once found a 8 oz. bottle of the stuff at my grandma's house, i asked if i could have it for my "cough" and she was cool with it.
  19. that's what i thought.
  20. i think you can cold water extract promethazine from the pill form, do they sell promethazine otc? if so get some vikes or perks and cold water extract the hydrocodone then mix it in with your promethazine, mabey add a bottle of zicam cough max (its just a half oz shot of 390mg of dxm) youll be feeling mad good

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