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  1. Hello everyone. I've been stalking the threads for a while and I have novice question. What do you all do with your run off. I was under the impression it waste and no good to use so you toss it it right? But I've seen in other forums where it seems like it's being re used and ph tested.

    Just would like to know what's everyones run off routine in general. I've even read where others have said they shop vac it up.
  2. Run off or excess water that drips thru the soil to the saucer under the pot?

    avoid letting it pool in the saucer as often it leads to fungal attack on the roots

    leading to a horrid scenario of root rot ..ugh!

    Run off will carry nutes out with it biggy

    I simply pour the excess into another non weed pot,

    like garlic or strawberries that I often grow with my weed

    avoid getting freaky with Ph, as a soil grower getting a ph on soil is like catching clouds

    always on the move

    good luck
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  3. Everytime I try to do that, it runs off. Lol just kidding. I let it hit the ground and soak in IDC about runoff
  4. Bottle it and sell it on Amazon with a pretty picture.
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  5. I like your style

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  6. So I just realized that RO water is actually reverse osmosis water (not run off !). Yeh I feel dumb. So thats why I keep reading about folks using It lol. So now that I l ow a bit more about it, does anyone use it for their coco grows? Why or why not. Just seeking more education on the subject.
  7. Growing in coco is a "drain to waste" method. You can either throw it down the drain or use it for your outdoor plants.

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