Can someone clear up this whole RooR company thing?

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  1. I'm confused what they are doing? They are merging both companies .us and .de and making one company? How will this effect future RooR products here in the U.S.?

    Thanks guys!
  2. not even close. isnt undergoing any changes changed their name to "Sheldon Black" glass, to accompany the recent upping of their game
    Zob is trying to buy the rights to, but what's happening with that is still really unclear.
  3. annouced they were going to start supplying the us with glass but its all gonna be the same roor now. no .de and .us
  4. That statement put out is really ambiguous... I'm not sure exactly what they mean by it.
  5. Recently the German side of the company hasn't really care about the United States, and wouldn't ship anything to them, and basically left it up to glass makers in the United States to blow the pipes. Well now they are changing that and are coming out with a universal line or bongs, no distinction of US made o German made.
  6. thats not to bad tho, but do you think there will be any nice pieces like some of the customs
  7. All the nicest pieces are made by the germans anyway... so yeah their will definitely be nice kustoms.
  8. Oh wow so guessing zob is out of that deal then right? Atleast roor is back!
  9. Yes. My guess is that they will be pumping out a lot more kustoms, and more unique bongs. But also they will be putting out a high quality generic bong, that will be just awesome and that is what I can't wait for.

    I think you are right, I think the rumor about the ZOB shop trying to purchase the rights is not happening anymore and RooR is taking it all on by themselves. On the website they already have order forms ready to go for shops in the United States.
  10. will the be better than the new "universal" roors? do we have pictures of what the generic ones will look like, and maybe a time frame from when they will start selling to america?
  11. A lot of people are speculating here on a very ambiguous press release from There has not been an announcement that there will be some new "universal" "generic" roor. The most that can be gleaned from the announcement is that the same product line will be available everywhere ROOR is sold. I don't see why that product line would be any different than the current standard of perfection upheld by
  12. would you all suggest snatching up a from internet and shipped to USA or just wait for the new ones and buy the same (black label preferably)?
  13. There's no need to rush and snap up a DE... they're not going anywhere. tubes on the other hand are going to become harder to find.
  14. are the ones from grasscity the de or usa ones?
  15. .DE

  16. honestly i think roor putting out a single line will be beneficial for everyone involved.. hell look at the Sheldon Black line, was holding them back. and Zob doesnt really blow a plain straight tube. and though i have a i would like to find a .us tube simply as a collectors item, because i see the current .us pieces appreciating in value simply because of their soon to be rarity. this is simply my opinion but im still gonna watch and see what the company actually does... oh, and another thing, with roor possibly going to a single line i see them damn near HAVING to license more dealers to keep up with demand because its fairly difficult to get a roor in the states anyways.

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