Can someone clear this up?

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  1. Dabbing, I am trying to understand it much better. How you smoke it? How to make it? I have searched the threads with no luck in finding an answer. Can someone clear this up?
  2. Dabs are usually BHO, which stands for butane honey oil. Basically you run butane through an amount of bud, the butane takes the thc and binds with it. Then you evaporate the butane and are left with pure or close enough to pure THC. Dabs can be done using a torch, a rig for your bong and a titanium nail is basically what I use. You heat the nail up, get some oil on the end of something like another nail and dab it onto the hot nail, while inhaling through the bong. It's a great method of smoking, just requires a little common sense and caution.
  3. Are there any recipes for making BHO? How much trim/bud do you have to use?
  4. There are methods yeah. Just do NOT do this indoors. Butane is a volatile chemical and will combust near a heat source. I'm sure if you googled BHO extraction you'll find ways to do it. There's even already made extractors, can't remember the name of them. But my friends usually use 1.5oz per can of butane.
  5. WestCoast510 is the man, thanks for the links I appreciate it!

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