can smoking cigars get me addicted?

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  1. i know u dont inhale with cigars but lets say if i smoke 1 once a week willl i be ok? i want to get that taste and feeling that people talk about when smoking cigars. i dont smoke cigarettes at all
  2. Depends... If u stick to once a week then u should be good. The problem starts when u step over the line. Make sure you stick to ur plan.
  3. This is a silly question man.

    Of course you can get addicted the nicotine is still getting absorbed into your body.

    The feeling is nothing but a nicotine high.

    It'll take a while but you'll be smoking 4 cigars a day before you know it.
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  4. i said 1 cigar per week, why would it go to 4? i smoke weed way more. but just wana try cigar occasionally too
  5. I've known people that could get away with smoking occasionally. Don't know how they do it considering I smoke one cig and I'm back on it.
    But it all depends on whether you have a very addictive personality I guess.
    But obviously you will be smoking nicotine
    And like bill said, what you feel is a nicotine buzz.
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  6. I had a friend who smoked cigars...if you caught a good whiff of his breath it would make you wanna puke...

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  7. Not to mention the stench on your clothes. Even after a blunt I want to change.
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  8. You can become addicted to anything. Sometimes all it takes is one time. This will be dependent upon you and, especially, your genetics as well as brain chemistry.

    If you have to ask, I would advise against it.
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  9. Cigars are the ONLY nicotine product that I don't get perpetual cravings for when I light up.

    It's a pretty weird one...I personally find them to be incredible. But not something you do everyday...special occasion/sometimes thing. If you find you have an issue with that then I wouldn't dabble.

    IME, it's kind of like champagne. You don't go out and buy bottles of champagne all day long, you keep it for celebrations. That's what a cigar is...a victory type of thing. Kind of a darker practice but good luck.
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  10. It's different for everybody. I smoke cigs every now and then but am in no way addicted. I just like to smoke and weed isn't always an option. I was smoking probably 4-5 a day for a month when I was road tripping with my buddy, but once that ended I went back to one or two a week. I've never felt a "crave" for nicotine, I've felt a crave to smoke. Just the act of smoking. Don't care if it's weed, tobacco, lotus, or oregano. There is something nice about rolling one and just puffing away, high or no high.

    But yes depending on you and how you react to nicotine you definitely can get addicted from cigars. Just monitor yourself and know when you're starting to cross that line. The earlier you see the signs the easier it will be to break them.
  11. I can smoke 2 cigars a year and not smoke any more?

    Addiction is more than chemical. It's psychological.
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  12. Nicotine, whether from cigars, pipes, or cigarettes binds to the acetycholine receptors and release dopamine, so yes... any foreign substance that causes dopamine to be released has potential for addiction or dependence.
    But realistically cigars are so heavy on the lungs and pretty damn gross that most people(including myself)who I've smoked them with only do it once every 1-3+ months

    It's up to you, but if I were in your position I'd just stick to blunts
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  13. I smoke cigars occasionally and rarely smoke more than one in a week. I also smoke small ones because the large ones knock me on my butt because I am such a lightweight. nicotine is addictive. it doesn't matter whether you intake the drug through your mouth with a cigar or through your lungs with a cigarette. if you do it too much, you will get addicted. but man, what way to go. cubans, bitches!!!

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  14. all my favorite drugs hit the dopamine receptors.

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  15. All addiction leads to...

    empty the tobacco first.

    You're welcome.
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  16. a little dab will do ya.

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  17. That is your choice. I would like to remind you, in a polite way, to be considerate of others around you while smoking a cigar. Those things reek nasty. And you will reek nasty after smoking one. Please do not kiss anyone after smoking one those things.....
  18. don't do it indoors, and don't kiss there after.

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  19. The reason it'll go to four is because you'll try to make excuses to smoke more

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