Can she be saved?

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  1. Northern Lights auto in week5 of flower. I screwed up the nutes but hope to get her right with some calmag, epsom salts and close monitoring of ph. So, can she be saved? sick plant.jpg
  2. Epsom salt is magnesium, calmag is calcium and magnesium. While it's more difficult to over use magnesium it's still possible. If you've over used nutrients just give plain water. I've rarely if ever have used calmag or Epsom salt past week 3 of flower.
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  3. Chill. Its probably going to be fine. Worst case, you make hash.
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  4. you will most certainly get something and let this be a learning curve my first i got spider mites and didnt realize until late late flower maybe try a flush then add the stuff
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    The CalMag and Magi-Cal I used was opened about 4 years ago so I'm wondering if
    perhaps the potency has expired.
    Also wondering if those spotted leaves should be trimmed. Thanks!
  6. I would leave all the leaves alone and let them fall off by theirself i learned that trick from a master grower
  7. To wrap this up, I harvested four ounces tasty and potent. Thanks for the guidance. -go

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