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Can second hand smoke affect military piss test?!

Discussion in 'General' started by Weebie, Nov 23, 2008.

  1. Okay, so I have a roomate and we have had an ongoing debate all year long. We are trying to solve this problem once and for all.

    Can anybody give me some credible sources for any information regarding second hand smoke and testing positive for the person not smoking..

    Like I'l be chilling watching tv and smoking a bowl, he is in his room which is about 18ft away from me, with the door closed. Is it at ALL possible for him to test positive for second hand smoke from marijuana on a military piss test?

    If any of you have any info on this shit please tell me.... Much appreciated.

    EDIT: I smoke really good shit.... Not trying to tute my own horn but I'm smokin some dank. :D
  2. I'm actually like 100% sure that it can't. I remember having this debate with a friend a couple of years ago, and we found out that the military actually DID a study on hotboxing a car with another solider in it, and the soldier tested negative (he didn't smoke, just was in the car being boxed).

    i wish i could have been one of the "testers" for that...
  3. haha im guessing since you inhale and absorb most of the
    THC he shouldn't be affected but i don't know for sure
  4. Considering the practice of shotgunning and the ability to get a contact high from being in saturated rooms I'd say theres a decent amount of THC expelled in second hand smoke. Whether it's enough for someone to piss hot is another matter.

  5. When you shotgun you don't inhale you just blow out the smoke into someone elses lungs.... I believe there is a definite difference there....
  6. Well someone earned their merit badge in Herbal CPR. :rolleyes:

    I actually could never stand to watch that. The practice always kind of disgusted me.

  7. LOL wtf man? When you're with a girl and you're blazing... The best way to get with the girl is to offer a shotgun... How is that disgusting? lol wtf

    When you shotgun, you don't inhale all the way, so the other person gets high. There is a difference between smoking weed *you inhale* and shotguning *not inhaling*.

    Anybody with some info that is citeable for the original question? Like my nuts are on the line here... Liteally... :smoke:
  8. It can be detectable but it will be far below the minimum nanograms per milliliter reqired to consider it a failure

    In order for it to cause someone to fail a test they would have to be in a hotboxed space so smokey their eyes burned and they couldn't see through the smoke.

    This information is available at all sorts of places online but I didn't see any on the first page of Google that I would call reliable. Ask a probation/parole officer; they constantly get the BS story of "Oh well I must've failed my UA because I was hanging out with people who smoke."
  9. Gotta bump this.
  10. I really doubt it... Unless he is sitting next to you I severly doubt he would have ANY thc

  11. Hah... Smack that kid in the head for being a moron.
  12. it'll come up on the test, just wont be positive. enough to cause concern, if the testers are being that strict about it.
  13. my buddy went to basic about 2months ago and he was over my house everynight (with me smoking) and he passed his piss test fine so im gonna say it has no effect.

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