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Can Propane be used as a solvent for oil extraction?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by tstick, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Propane is cleaner and is all organic...

    So why is it not being used for oil extraction?

    I'm wondering if it wouldn't just be a matter of going out and getting one of those small torch canisters and valves you get at the hardware store and then figuring out a way to connect it to a glass or metal extractor tube. Since the tanks are pressurized, all you'd have to do is turn on the valve....


    Please enlighten me!
  2. Not sure. Butane works fine, plus i dont think they make smell free propane.
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    Propane is 1.5x heavier than air, and butane even heavier than that. They also sometimes mix propane with butane or another to make LPG and use that as fuel for vehicles.

    Butane sits well below 0C, making it a good choice to freeze the wax heads on the tricomes and make them fragile and thus into your concentrate.

    However, I believe propane sits around 225K in the tank which is 1.8C, not suitable for much other than burning.
  4. Indeed this man is right, also polarity matters and it is not entirely about simple polarity. You must take into account Lewis bonds, etc. Trust me, making oil and wax is a business so if there was a better way the chemists who extract would be utilizing it.
  5. It will extract your life... seriously i don't know, i don't think so.
  6. Its amazing how far we have come in these few years. Making the most flavorful, beautiful clean sugarwax with 100% propane.

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  7. Dab factories equivalent to the Iran Nuclear Deal. What times we live in.

    But cannabis just GROWS like that... why take it apart with money and influence to create more money and more power? Oh wait that's why.

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