can possibly get 6 "ultracet"?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by ills, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. hey gc,
    my friend broke his arm so he got some painkillers and is now done with them and wants to sell me 6 ultracet 325mg which he claims to be better than vics, all for which is only 10 bucks and an admin spot on my vent server :D so what im wondering is
    1. is it good (how many should i take blah blah)
    2. is this a quality deal

  2. i would take all 6.
  3. serious or douche bag

  4. id assume hes serious, ultracets are like darvocets, there not that strong, take like 3 of them at the same time, if you have a tolerence to opiods, take all 6 of them, ten bux for six pills is not that bad tho, makes for a good afternoon
  5. Try again yo. Ultracets are like Tramadol, not Darvocet. So yeah, 6/$10 is a so-so deal since Trams aren't great to get high on. But 6 will fuck you up, but it's different than a true opiate high.

  6. tramadol, darvocet

    they all suck anyways wats the diff
  7. They're different drugs, that's the difference. One is scheduled, one isn't.
  8. They are not better than vics, ill say that right away.

    They are a synthetic opiate, opposed to oxycodone, which is semi synthetic.

    If you really want to be on some opiates grab em', but dont expect much really.
  9. thanks, yeah i just dont have access to any other pills and there mad cheap so i said wtf why not. but yeah me and a friend are gonna take 3 each at school tomorrow, see how things go.

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