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Can police in California smoke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SingleActionSix, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. if they have a card.
  2. Don't think so.
  3. Get a prescription for marinol.
    Synthetic THC,
    it will excuse any trace amount of THC

  4. I saw someone else post this in a separate thread, is it legit?
  5. You can't legally have a gun license and a recommendation. So no, cops can't smoke. And most get drug tested a couple times a year.

  6. Where am I going to keep all of my guns if I move to Cali?

  7. Under your mattress with the serials scratched off....

  8. I'm going to need like 8 mattresses.
  9. Honestly thought you were shitting me when you said but but by God the ATF has done it again. It should be illegal to drink alcohol and have a gun license.
  10. It's a shame... 2 of my life goals were to eventually own a couple guns, and be a legal user.
  11. Mine too man, mine too. I don't want to be considered a criminal for smoking anymore but god damn I love guns.
  12. As a Canadian, I find many of these responses to be rather disturbing... Why would anyone want a gun? Save for perhaps the mentally deranged.
  13. [quote name='"BC BUDz"']As a Canadian, I find many of these responses to be rather disturbing... Why would anyone want a gun? Save for perhaps the mentally deranged.[/quote]

    You answered your own question, because we'd rather the mentally deranged not be the only ones with guns.
  14. Guys you can still buy a firearm, just not in California. Most states have more relaxed laws then California, NY, Michigan etc. In my state you can go to the gas station, pick up a Thrifty Nickel, which is where people put adds for things they are selling (like Craigslist but on paper.) There's a whole section for firearms. You don't need a license to buy from these people.


  15. Haha fair enough, I suppose I'll give you that one. Actually made me laugh. :p
  16. I would much rather smoke pot legally than own a gun, but to each their own. :smoke::smoke:
  17. You mean as in work effectively? No. THC needs CBD and CBN to work effectively as a pain-relief agent. Administering THC without CBD or CBN has been proven to cause extreme laughing fits or in high doses, a feeling of abject sadness. THC works in part with CBD and CBN to treat and eliminate pain. That is why natural, high potency cannabis of the Indica variety has been proven to be one of the best pain relievers known to man. Nothing on Earth can work as well as it can without giving adverse side effects.
  18. Lots of misinformation- 'm only stepping in because it's important that people know a few things about this if they wish to become gun owners, which I support.

    First thing- talk of firearms is against GC rules. That said, let's get to it!

    Oh and about the OP- No, cops can't smoke, regardless of any license. I'm not a cop, but I'm in an industry that tests, and I've seen the the letter that both I and any cop would have to sign that said that employment was contingent on not doing drugs, and they didn't give a shit about any license to have weed. It does not force any workplace to waive it's own drug policy, as far as I've seen.

    Now, you can take guns into Cali, just with some restrictions on ownership and magazine capacities, etc. It is one of the most restrictive states on gun ownership.

    Also, Peter Griffin is both right and wrong. His first statement is true, buy all the guns you want from thrifty nickel or gunbroker or craigslist whatever. I prefer to do it that way. My guns have zero paper trail. And that is completely legal.

    His second statement is false, in that there is an obligation, necessarily, to have a handgun you bought registered in some way. Some states do require a permit to buy a handgun, or carry concealed, or whatever, but you do not have to register handguns you bought from a private individual, unless some draconian rules have been set in place in places I'm not familiar with.

    The last thing is never, ever file the serial number from a gun, at all. It makes it a "smoking" gun right then and there. I'd rather be caught with a gun that is verifiably stolen than one with no number. Well maybe that's a bit much but filing it ruins the piece, and won't stop identification by the bullet itself, which has been proof fired, photographed, and recorded for pretty much every handgun made for the last decade or so.

    If you don't want that number around, ditch the piece, say, on some CL clone that allows guns.

    Please own your heaters responsibly, but please support the right to own them! Might need it someday!

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