can police helicopters still detect 400w hps

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    My set up is 400w hps its in a wardrobe in an upstairs bedroom the light is shining down on my plants am only growing a few plants but yesterday i shit myself because a police helicopter flew over my house, should i be paranoid or will i be ok
    i hate the law on this it does my head in cannabis should be legal i mean am in court next week because i was very drunk if i was stoned i wouldnt have a criminal record its drink that makes us bad not weed drink should be banned if you ask me
  2. why would you want anything banned?
  3. What country?

  4. because alcohol is the thing that causes problems alcohol is the thing that kills alcohol is the think that causes accidents alcohol give you a bad head the next day i could go on about alcohols bad effects all day but its kinda depressing weed does none of those things above

    and am from england north east not far from newcastle
  5. LOL funny sig. I doubt they could detect a 400 watt HPS. That could be anything. Now 4000 watts would be suspicious.
  6. i hope they cant??? i think i had a minor heart attack yesterday because of it, there is a bit heat that comes off it and a lot of light i just hope that infared camera cant detect my 400w HPS

    my 400w HPS is all am going up to as i say a few plants at a time is all i need a mean most of my weed will end up in the freezer so it dont go off no way am i getting a higher wattage i couldnt afford the electric 400w is good enough for me
  7. If you are concerned then maybe the switch to LED would be a safer option as they give off virtually no heat.
    Up to you though.
  8. even if they did 'catch' you they would realise you would be doing it for personal use if it is only a few plants , the worst you would get is like community service , why dont u switch to cfls if your only growing a few plants , it'll be cheaper aswell
  9. Not to make you guys more paranoid than you already are, but do HPS bulbs not put out a specific heat signature that can be detected?
  10. sorry but heat is heat theres no 2 ways about it and it will show up on any thermal imager the same. all this bullshit about special heat sigs is just that bullshit. Also i have a water dragon in my garage with 2x 250w bulbs, the police helicoper is always about and ive never had a knock at the door asking what it is. the police aint as good as they make out on the T.V they might show u 1 sec a helicopter flying about then you see them busting joe bloggs with his 100W 1plant setup but really what happened to joe bloggs is, he got snitched on. personaly with a 400w bulb i think u got more chance of winning the lottery than get caught out by a helicopter.
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  11. Why dont you just let people be responsible for themselves instead of being a nanny and banning their option to do so?
  12. Well, to be honest with you, that makes a lot of sense. I've always thought that heat is heat. I think I read that stuff about the heat signature on this site. You read shit and get paranoid. It's hard to validate things nowadays man. People are always spewing bullshit everywhere and don't bother to check their facts.
  13. Actually, the way it works (in Calif):

    Your electric provider has an algorithm that monitors your usage.

    (have you had a "smart meter " installed recently?)

    If the pattern matches, then you might end up with a flyover or an inspector.

    Less then 1kw you don't have to worry unless you brag about it.
  14. i defiantly havent told anybody about it well only you guys on here know about it n no i dont have a smart meter its just 1 of them key prepayment meters and NO i havent wired it i am paying for the electric i use think its using something like 50p for 12 hrs straight having the light on 50p doesnt sound like much money
  15. I think most substances should be legal if people want it in their body then they should be able too. But if your doing drugs when your pregnant or something that should be illegal.
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  16. do you know an LED light that will work if so please leave me a link to it i found an 225 LED what ever that means but not sure if it will work
  17. Holy run on sentences!
  18. um.... what?
  19. If you get busted for a 400w light, then that means everyone with a reef aquarium could get busted too. Folks with reef tanks use MH lights ranging from 150 to 1000 watts.
  20. Well I'm kinda new here but I actually know about this- the pol. choppers use a thermal imaging device that will pick up "hot spots" within a house. This being said thermals are a good piece of gear but there not magic. Thermals will not work through thick glass, plexiglass, etc. with several hot lights (3 or more 600w) like HPS/MH, you could see a grow within a garage or somthing with little or no insulation, if your house is well insulated or your grow is well ventilated you will be fine. Also remember though dont have any abnormal vents(hot or smelly air) blowing outa anywhere and try to keep everything within your norm meaning no big energy spikes or anything like that- also i'm sure you know but watch the odors!

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