Can nodes be spaced too tight?

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  1. Growing mostly indoor indica doms, I've always tried to top them, and get nice, squat compact bushes, but I wonder if they can get too close. Photos I typically top and work the lower 6-8 branches like so. This is a GG4 photo

    Just got into autos, but I was thinking to also top them at 4-6 branches and just focus on getting each one of those into a a few massive buds. This is a Bruce Banner auto
    Anything obviously wrong with this approach? I feel like I got node spacing pretty on point (if not too close) but curious what the experiences of others have been.

    (just seed grown weed in dirt 5-gal pots, nothing too fancy)

    Final note, I've been getting larger main stems and branches by about 10% beyond prior grows by switching my silica from watering with the other nutes to foliar feeding (spraying it direct onto the canopy).

    Anyone else notice this difference with silica introduction methods?

    Till then my fellow growers
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  2. normally one don't trim /lst autos as to many its not worth the trouble
    I've often done it on rare strains, attempting to stretch out some bud
    when I do I do it on the 4th lateral same with photos, in about the 3rd week of veg

    can nodes be too close? = you betcha!
    I go the opposite and prefer my internodes normal to wide apart not close
    close means a hit from mold will wipe you out, with distant internodes its more difficult for mold to get a hold
    as the flowers are further apart, also easier to repair from mold/fungi attacks (easier to trim
    many growers will call this 'a little stretched' and thats ok by me, if it means surviving a fungi bombing
    done simply by allowing the hps to shine on the autos from the germing stage


    ps yes I big on foliar gives me something to do without screwing the grow
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    Never thought about mold potential from the node spawns overlapping onto each other, was always more concerned about mold in the buds, thanks, its something I'll keep an eye out for when I stack em too close!
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  4. I've yet to see any that are too tight. I like mine like you like yours, very close nodes. Very close nodes, lst, and a scrog net makes for a very even canopy.
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  5. ^this... Exactly this...
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  6. Only problem i have had with tight nodes is when i don't allow the newish tips to develop enough before flowering-12/12 and buds are smaller than what would have been from a developed bunch of them. also powdery mildew on one plant, at first i thought resin was being produced on the STEMS as well as buds,on a plant in a back hard to reach corner... but then realized it was powdery mildew. Only time i had it though.
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  7. I mainline all my autos. Now I take this one I grow all the way to 16 tops. No, I don't think it's possible for nodes to be too tight. Man, yours look great! Don't make the water boy carry too far. All the nodes right here for you. As for silica, the stuff works, but getting it to stick to the roots and leaves is hit and miss. I have had very good luck mixing Dyna Foliage pro and Protekt and using it as a foliar spray during veg. Don't forget the dyna ph down. The silica has to be added to the water first, then it takes a ton of ph down to get your water to 6.5, then the FP at 600 ppm will lower it to 5.8 to 6.2 or so. As for topping my autos, I always start about two weeks from sprout above the third node.
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  8. Subjectively, adding silica to the 2 or 3x per weeks foliar did seems to increase growth rate up to the end of stretch but not much after that. Would love to find some real data, as my observations were unstructured so not much better than bro science at this point, but thwre does seem to be something there.

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