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Can my neighbors smell me smoking?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Trainwreak420, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. I live in a normal size neighbor hood. I have a neighbor behind me and one next to me. And of course across the street. I live on a corner of the street. Usually when I smoke I just sit down on my porch so no one can see. But i've always wondered if my neighbors can smell the smoke. I'm just wondering g because one time when I was meeting my friends to smk in the woods. I was walking up and I knew they had already stared smoking cause I could smell it for a good distance.
    So my question is do u think my neighbors can smell the smoke?
    And how far away could u smell weed smoke?
  2. depends on too many things to tell man, but I'd bet that a good rule of thumb would be don't smoke with your neighbors downwind :rolleyes:
  3. I always wondered this too when I was toking frequently about 6 months ago. I can't say for sure. But if any of your neighbors have sensitive noses or know what it smells like, then it's better to be safe and be careful. Maybe use a spoof inside or smoke quickly and go back in.Also are your neighbors outside when you do it Or, do they go outside shortly after you finish? I'd be careful.
  4. One time I was smoking a blunt walking my cat and my girlfriend and a dog came up barking to us and the owner (Who was sitting on her porch while we walked past her fence) was like:

    "Good boy, you scared them away. Goodboy!"

    So I'm imagining they can, as I dont think that lady would have treated me like that if she didnt smell the weed. I mean, I look perfectly normal. I think...
  5. Man when I was growing up we'd play road hockey outfront and I had a guy who was a big dealer of weed, heroin and coke. We could smell him when he would blaze all the time, and it stuck around for a bit, i wouldnt be too worried because if you are hidden they may not know its you, just be a bit more careful.

    But then again, when I used to toke at school infront of Mcdees you would only smell us within a 10 foot radius.

    it really all depends on the ventilation cause the smoke has to go somewhere.

  6. wtf?!
  7. ..walkin a cat huh?
  8. Did he say he was walking his cat and his girlfriend?
  9. yeah i caught that too.
  10. Now back to the question
  11. Haha i have been thinking this. Iv always had my own place and smoked up the fire so it hasn't been a prob.

    Now i'm staying at my Grandparents for a few weeks until i can get my new place. They have neighbors surrounding their entire house. The back garden can be seen by about 30 houses. So yeah. I have been a little paranoid smoking in the garden. And was wondering if anyone could smell it.

  12. haha dude how high were you to be walking your cat and your girlfriend? :bongin::laughing:
  13. Haha I'm pretty sure they can smell that shit, dude. Weed has a very strong smell. If you lived somewhere like this place, chances are your neighbors smoke more weed than you do. Or they have no clue what it smells like, and therefore cannot complain/call the cops. They'll probably figure that somebody is just burning something... but not a fat blunt!
  14. Great now i'm a little worried. Most my life i have lived in places where it doesn't matter about smoke....
  15. growing up my neighbors behind me smoked pot everynight in his backyard and we smelled it. no one really cared though. so don't worry about it, i doubt anyone would actually call the cops on you because they smell pot.
  16. I hope they wouldn't. But there is always a risk. I guess i will have to smoke spliffs with a little less weed in them. Or go somewhere else. Mind you tho... Thinking about it. I smoke at like 9pm most of the time and it's -3 outside. So i doubt anyone is outside anyway.
  17. Oh your british.

    whereabouts do you live mate?
    council estate or something abit more upmarket?

    ive got to be carful about smoking in the garden. I usually make sure im out of sight of the neighbours windows, but im sure they can smell it. The rest of the time i smoke is out my window which is 5 stories up.my window looks out onto a fairly busy street but i dont thik ppl can smell.

  18. For everyone confused on walking my cat...

    It was a 4 month old kitty named Persia. I did not have to walk her as she walked along side me as I imagined she loved the smell.

    I'd walk a good mile and back and she'd be right there next to me scoping out all the scenery.

    I had to walk my girlfriend on a leash. lol jk.

  19. Thats cruelty. lol

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