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Can my job drug test me

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mattspyro, Sep 28, 2010.

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    I just started my job today and they havent drug tested me but now since im working can the they still test me? I havent signed anything about drug testing. My job is a part time assistant and im in florida
    BTW im clean now just did a 2 month T break and really wanna start up again but really need the job

    I never filled out an application, never signed any paperwork about drug testing
  2. Most companies have the right to test if they suspect drug use is involved.
    Since you were'nt informed or forced to sign consent for drug testing I don't know if they can.:smoke:
  3. You need to look that stuff up yourself. Google is your friend, you can find it, I have faith in you buckaroo.
  4. yea they can. you probably just didnt read when you signed the part of the application that talks about background and drug testing. just like a normal human. lol
  5. ask your boss or someone you work with. just tell them you were near someone who was smoking weed and didnt want to lose your job for it.

  6. your boss will test you out after that. You dont just chill around people smoking weed and not smoke do you?
  7. i sure have. i was on probation for a year and a half and i was around weed everyday. fishbowling and everything. i never failed for it so who cares if he does test you? you are clean right now anyway.
  8. I was on a break for 3 and a half weeks for a job and ended up not having to take the
    test. Was there for a week before starting smoking again. I quit yesterday, fuck that

  9. ARE YOU FREAKIN' CRAZY:eek::smoke::smoke:
  10. They can test you, they dont need you to sign, all they have to do is test you if you refuse its in most cases an admittion of guilt and they will terminate employment if they have not tested you yet they most likely will not be doing a pre employment drug screen. Every company I have ever heard of test before they make an offer. I would work the first week to be safe and come your first Friday, blaze up.
  11. Any company can do what they want. Since people that don't do drugs also don't refuse to take drug tests at work... refusing one is the same as admitting you'd fail.

    And if it's not the company's policy to randomly test, but you somehow manage to get singled out for one... it means you're doing something wrong and will be getting fired anyway. So, a failed/refused drug test is a great ice breaker for the boss to open up that conversation with.

    That would literally have the same effect as, "Any plans on making me take a drug test? I really want to get high, but I just want to make sure you don't catch me doing it."
  12. They can put a DNA swab up your urethra.
  13. I would deff google this shit, its ganna be more accurate than a bunch of stoners on a weed forum (no offense GC!) I wouldnt think they could, i thought that they had to inform you of random DTs and company policies b4 they hired you.. If you never even filled out an app. then the place can't be very formal so you probably dont have anything to worry about
  14. alright thanks i think i'm gonna wait another day or two but if they dont test me by friday then i'm gonna have an amazing wknd! I cant wait i already got my stash :) :smoking::smoking:
  15. if you didnt fill out an application and give your boss your SS# than your probly not getting paychecks either.

    Do you get paid cash? if so you work "under the table" and there is no way your boss would DT you. lets say he does for some reason, now you can hold it over his head that he pays you illegally.
  16. What kind of company? Big, small, corporate, private? You didnt fill out an application? Sounds like they wouldnt care.

    Im working as a leasing assistant for a small real estate company and never filled out an app. They would never drug test me. But its a small company.
  17. bro put some piss in a jar before its tainted imo. for future use.
  18. Yes they can. Come up negative and you could be fired too.
  19. In georgia, I don't know about other states. They must legally give you 4 hours after telling you that you will have a drg test to "prepare"
  20. I gave em my ss# i just got the job because my friend told me about it so i just sent em my resume and then had an interview and got it. and its a small accounting office i think two places

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