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Can Marijuana relieve flu symptoms?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by skatealex2, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. i tried posting in the medical marijuana forum, but it wasn't working...........

    Does anyone think an edible would be a good idea? smoking is def out of the question......

    has anyone had experience with it? im wondering if marijuana could be medically beneficial to my flu symptoms.

    Also if you want a good laugh check this out- Can marijuana relieve flu symptoms? - Yahoo! Answers

  2. Depending on the symptoms, I would say yes...but I am in agreement with you on refraining from smoking as that may only worsen the sickness.

    I had really bad bronchitus last year...so bad the coughing even cracked my ribs. The pain from all my coughing was just killing me. Obviously smoking would have been a HORRIBLE idea. So I decided to vaporize and kept my fingers crossed. Well, it turns out I felt A LOT better and it minimized my coughing a considerable amount.
  3. I would say try a LITTLE and see how you feel. I just had the flu and tried smoking, and it made the shitty experience of being sick even shittier.

    HOWEVER, I love to smoke when I have a cold--totally helps. But when I had the flu, I smoked a couple of times, regretted it, and waited til I was feeling better to smoke.

    Remember for flu: 1) drink plenty of fluids--water, tea, soup, gatorade; and 2) take ibuprofen (or tylenol, if that's your thing) for the pain; 3) get plenty of REST. Feel better! Also, wash your hands a lot and clean off faucets, handles, counters, etc. with a virus-killing cleaner, like 409 or Lysol. That will protect your housemates from getting it. Also, air out common spaces whenever reasonable.
  4. im not sure if it scientifically really relieves flu symptoms....but i had the worst case of the flu ever a couple weeks ago.. smoked every single day and felt a lot better.. headache, aches and pains, everything was gone. although marijuana has the ability to decrease your immune system, so if youre going to smoke while sick with the flu, stay inside and keep warm.
  5. thanks for the help. im gonna make a firecracker!

    smoking would be deadly. i actually started couging non stop after i took a huge bong hit last night and i may have accidentally gotten some resin.
  6. I had the flu about a month ago.
    I found that smoking really helped relax me, i could only really lay on my couch in pain,
    so i decided to smoke more than usual and get as stoned as i could.

    I don't know, helped me a lot. :smoking:
  7. this firecracker was a great idea- i think it should help with my neasua. i dry heaved before when i was taking a shower, that has to be the worst feeling on earth. i think whenever i take these meds im gonna have to make a small firecracker

    nausea sucks. thank g-d for weed
  8. smoking when you have a flu is bad. I smoked when I began to have symptoms of the flu. I kept smoking and the next day and the week after that, my throat burned. Lungs hurted too. Try consumables
  9. i made a firecracker- although i realized eating is a smart idea afterwards- but ether way i think it is helping relieve some of my neasua

    i also have a vaporizer that might come in handy later on
  10. not sure if the weed is coincidence or not but i am starting to feel normal and my nausea seems to have vanished for now. this was a very small firecracker too----------- but it could just be the medication has worn off or something

    ether way, gotta love weed
  11. Well i'm not sure about consumables but I know that smoking while having the cold/flu makes me feel about 100% worse.
  12. i dunno dude but i been havin a fever and flu like symptoms and i smoked like 3 personal bong bowls the first day i felt sick and the high was awesome but then i came down and i was back to sick as fuck and i slept for like 20 hours.the next day i smoked 2 and i was feelin high and good but then back to sickness.i would just recommend not smoking.most likely its gonna just make u drowsy. and for damn sure the bong hits didnt help my throat and my coughing

  13. everyone seems to be misinterpreting my thread . i was talking about making edibles

    i think smoking with the flu would be deadly, my firecracker was a mini one with mostly vaped weed so im not even so high but most of my symptoms seem to have gone away ...... aside from a little bit of a headache and small cough which should be better by tommorow i think

    few hours ago i was in the worst pain of my life, now i feel great :)

    ~I found a random article about marijuana being beneficial to swine flu........... maybe this is true for the regular flu too (in edible form- smoking lowers your immune system) :confused: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/SwineFluNews/story?id=8214468&page=1&page=1

  14. When I had the flu I was desperate to try anything, I was congested to the point where I was wheezing for air. I decided to smoke after taking my medicine (I know you're having edibles, pretty much the same effect though) and immediately felt lighter than air, I walked up my staircase with no effort which was a task with the symptoms but it didn't feel normal. Loose and airy, disconnected from reality sort of. Like I was watching myself from a different body. Wasn't a negative nor much of a positive. Enjoy your cannabis
  15. OP are you serious?
    that much rep
    That many posts
    almost 2 yrs on the forums.
    And your ASKING such a question that is asked many times many many times in this area.

    Foods would be your best idea. The effects last longer and would be beneficial.
    Iv Smoked through out my flus to help sleep and relieve pains. . I tried eating also. Eating helped my stomach and the nausea. a lot more then the smoking did. Also helped with the Hershey Super Highway Squirts.
  16. Hi man.
    I highly recommend that, if you're going to smoke or vaporize or even eat it to relieve any flu-like symptoms, you should use a strain that's mostly indica or 100% indica if possible.
    I'd never felt the medicinal effects of marijuana until I bought some Mango Kush, which is 100% indica. It's an incredible pain killer and it lifts anxiety and depression so quickly, which lord knows is useful when you're stuck inside with the flu.
    As far as the delusion and bunged up head goes I recommend chili's and milk.

    Get well soon!

  17. This is an old post and I thought since it is not archived I would revive it.

    Smoking may be bad when your sick but I wonder how many that smoke cigs actually stop when they are sick?

    I know that it can lower the immune system but look at it this way. It is already low and most things other than vitamins will lower it further so if your going to consume at least consume something that is going to make you feel better.

    It seems there are mixed feelings about smoking and flu, some people seem 100% better some seem 100% worse. I think a lot of it IS strain related and Indica Sativa related. In addition I feel that it is partly psychological as well. Some people may have a harder time with the alteration of their perception when it is already altered by being ill. For me I find that generally I feel like hell for about 5 minutes after smoking and then 5 minutes after that I feel great or at least great enough not to care so much about sickness and can rest much easier. I know this much at the very least. I find I feel much better with weed as medicine than taking flu or cold medicine to relieve symptoms which for me it never actually does. I just usually feel worse. With herb I almost always feel better and in our western culture of treating symptoms rather than causes this is about the best we can do short of changing our lifestyles to live a much healthier existence. That in the long run is the best medicine and I am a testimonial to that. I have only gotten the flu once in the last 10 years and I attribute it to a healthier lifestyle and diet. Exercise I swear is the best medicine I ever found for not getting sick in the first place.

    I have the flu right now and it is terrible. Not because I am that sick but because it has been so long since I had it I forgot what it felt like... balls... where is that pipe...
  18. Wow, 2+ year old thread. I had a flu while smoking a couple of days ago, and it didn't heal it, but it didn't make it any worse either.
  19. Smoking dosnt relieve symptoms for me but it definitly made me a little less depressed and sludgy feeling. Just be sure to put over in your bong if thats how you smoke

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