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Can labs detect synthetic urine

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tomjefferson, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. can labs detect synthetic urine?:confused:
    I took a UA with urinator and the sample was accepted at right temp etc...i'm just wondering if the lab will detect that it is fake stuff... it is a 5panel test that is all i know.
    they send it off to MEDTOX. So I am stressing out because I'm not sure if they'll say it is inconclusive. I hope i just get a pass through but i may have put too much faith into the urinator and dr. john's pee pee:confused:
  2. Well I just got the call back 24hrs...that was way too quick...anyways I passed because they told me they'll call me with a start date if I pass. sort of seems unreal but the Urinator works and so does dr. john's famous pee pee....there was not enough info on these brands out there so yes it works. I am now a member of the sub club

    i'm sure there are ways to detect it but this is a standard preemployment 5 panel.

    i was way too worked up over this and so i think i'm gonna get :smoking:

  3. Umm... not so fast. Labs can detect synthetic urine with ease.... if they're looking. You may have gotten lucky and they only tested for the presence of drug metabolites. Lab results wouldn't be back in 24hrs unless your lab had nothing else they were working on... most labs are constantly busy with tests. You may yet get a call saying you cheated or need a retest. I don't mean to scare you... but I'm giving it to you straight.
  4. Good luck, but yeah sinse above hit the nail right on the head.
  5. I had to go to drug counseling for about 6 months. I kept just failing it not giving a rats ass about it but then i tried synthetic urine. They sent it to a lab but i am not sure how rigorously they actually tested the stuff. but i have to believe they went the whole 9 yards cause they even gave me a breathalyzer every time i went too. they never said it was fake, just believed i was passing all my tests. But i would not recommend it for repeated use cause it does get really expensive having to go twice a week or something.
  6. Good Point ... i was scared to get the call so early but i am assuming they did it so fast since it was delivered local carrier to medtox from clinic. It is in the same metro area so i think that helps.
    I am assuming you are right ... the guy said no one starts without the UA passing so they'll call me with a start date and time when that happens...i got a call there for i figured i must have passed. boy would i feel like a real horse's patoot if i got "the call"
    so there is nothing better than clean urine...i'm going to get some frozen asap
  7. kinda freaking out what u guys think i took a test witha urinator yesterday it was a $50 dollar fee for the labtest and i signed something that said something with Donor on it :X give it to me straight

  8. ?

    You took a test, it costs 50$.

    You signed your name on the tube, to certify that it was indeed your piss.

    But it ISN'T your piss, and you hope you pass.

    Only time will tell.

    It seems that 8/10 people pass with synthetic urine and the other unlucky 2 have to re-take.

    I have quick fix 5.7 at home and Im praying it will work for a job.
  9. I passed my mine for sure now...but they don't come out and say "CONGRATULATIONS":hello:

    good luck
  11. I took a instant cup with synthetic urin it failed the cup and then it was packaged up to go to the lab will it come back passed or will they find out i used synthetic urin?
  12. It really depends on two things (maybe three). If it's an expensive form of test that isn't always given, they can detect fake urine. If the fake urine is particularly cheap or fake, it might also cause you to fail. And the third-ish thing is that if you don't have it at the right temperature when you give it to them, that can tip them off as well (they'll know it didn't come from inside your body).
    DTs suckkk. That's just a fact of life.

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  13. It was at the right temp and i just want to know if the lab is going to detect that it was synthetic it was the good kind with everything that is in human pee
  14. How did your lab test go? I had a DT over a week ago and it was sent off to a lab and I haven’t heard anything back...
  15. Trying to "cheat" a drug test is just a bad idea; so many things can go wrong and they often do. Synthetic urine is totally detectable by labs. I mean c'mon guys, its a horrible idea.

    The best and most natural way to pass a screen is to ensure the individual has a healthy metabolism that is burning the THC metabolites from their fat (where THC metabolites are stored). In addition to being generally healthy, an individual can take steps during the days leading up to the lab test to speed up their metabolism and remove detectable elements from their urine, blood or hair. These steps include eating a low carb diet which forces the body to metabolize fat, drinking at least eight 8 ounce glasses of water a day to flush the system, drinking green tea which has diuretic properties and will cleanse the kidneys and exercising in a way that causes sweating (running or hot yoga are good for this). Ideally an individual would implement these steps 5 days prior to their screen.

    Lastly an individual could get a detox kit from a reputable company like ; I’ve had good experiences using their kits (on 3 occasions) and would recommend them to a friend. The ingredients have detoxifying qualities that aid in the 4 steps I mentioned above.

    I hope everyone finds this helpful. Unfortunately it seems like most overestimate the complexities of flushing their systems. It’s not hard to get a favorable result from a screen if the simple steps mentioned above are followed.

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