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Can Just Smelling Weed Make You Fail A Drug Test?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MrGoatington, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. By just smelling weed I mean the actual physical thing, the scent given off by the bud, not the smoke. I have a roommate who absolutely can't fail a drug test but I want to smoke. Do you think it would be perfectly safe for me to smoke in my room (not hotboxing or anything, blowing the smoke out the window) as long as I leave the window open a bit and let it air out afterward? They don't come in here very often and if they do usually they just pop their head in.

    If it would be too much of a risk to smoke in my room I can go to the garage, but the room is much more comfortable so I'm curious if it's safe to just smoke in here.
  2. I can't fail one either and yes it is perfectly fine I sit in a bathroom with multiple people smoking in it and I pass still no prob at all. The amount that he would intake would have to be an air tight room with zero ventilation and him inhaling deeply with a bunch burning at once. On top of that there are articles that will prove this evidence as I have studied it to a high extent ensuring I won't fail by being in the room. Second hand smoke from cannabis is not strong enough for it to be detected in your system. Hope this helps you. Google it for articles on this if you want more proof but I have been passing them for yrs being in a small bathroom with just the vent fan on so I would say he is safe.
  3. Already exhaled smoke doesn't really have any potency left in it, thats why hotboxing is (debate able) kinda pointless.

    So yeah he'll be fine, especially if you blow out the window and such like you said.
  4. Perfect, really appreciate it. Thanks to doubled too :wave:
  5. Exhaled smoke has enough thc to get you high. I bet it would make you fail if you were getting as much smoke in the hotbox as a shotgun.
  6. Nah i was on probation for 4 years and been in tons of rooms where you couldnt even see and didnt fail
  7. If your high from it the thc is in your system
  9. Im curious about it because I no longer smoke an I have a great job ,can u piss dirty just from smelling it like a flower

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