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Discussion in 'General' started by zRegular, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. I know this is gonna seem desperate but its a serious question.

    I just grew one last plant out (grown a few before). Anyway I only kept the SUPER crystally small leaf/partially bud trimmings.

    They've just been sitting here til I do something with me (smoked a few buds that got in there). Anyway I just moved to college and don't have a connect here yet, and just ran out of weed.

    I have really bad stomach problems and that's why I smoke (currently in the process of getting my card).

    Anyway, can I smoke them? They are COVERED in THC and hairs because like I said I only saved the really really dank trimmings.

    If you're gonna be rude, don't post. I know this is kinda desperate but its the only thing to help my stomach.

    Thanks GC.
  2. Well, I'd say smoke it.
    If it can be smoked good, if not you don't lose anything.
  3. how old is it? is it moldy?
    make some hash if u have a lot of trimmings, or just smoke it
  4. Hash or edibles would be my suggestion with trimmings.
  5. I'm like 99% sure it'd get me high.

    Its like a month and a half old but has been in an airtight jar. No mold at all.

    Also, I plan on making hash out of it today actually.
  6. Does anyone know if you can make firecrackers with trimmings that are equally as dank as bud?
  7. Edibles or hash are the way to go.

    I suggest you turn it all into hash and then you can use a little hash in your edibles.
  8. Once yet again, I will be making hash.

    It's just right now my stomach hurts so bad and all that helps is THC.
  9. Whatever I'm gonna try it. Wont kill me.
  10. Smoked a bowl. Tasted like mids.

    I'm high is all I can say. LOL.

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