Can infrared helicopters detect small grows?

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  1. I've seen documentaries of how the law enforcement catches grow ops, using infrared detectors on helicopters. Is the amount of heat to power a 2 plant grow suspicious? What do you think?

  2. LOL That is for outdoor grows only. First of all They need probable cause. Smell someone you told tipped the cops. and helicopters need Warrants to use infrared Cameras on your property. So dont Tell anyone. STFU about it seriously
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  3. shouldnt be worried about it... even if they can see the heat signatures in the house are high in one room...whos to say your not growing vegetables..or whatever. they need probably cause to come in anyways.. they can find big grow houses and investigate power consumption and all that to get probably cause, but with a small grow they wont waste their time...they want the big dogs while they waste our tax payers dollars.

    for outside grows they can pick up a single plant by itself lol... ive seen it done and about shit myself. i had 1 large plant outside 1 year. heard the chopper so i went outside and watched it flying around. it stopped and hovered over the top of the plant as i was standing in my parents yard about 200ft from the plant. they sat there for a few minutes then took off, the plant was never taken away or anything :) but i freaked and almost went and chopped it down while the choppers were there.. would have been a bad idea if i did that.
  4. [quote name='"Silentnvd"']LOL That is for outdoor grows only. First of all They need probable cause. Smell someone you told tipped the cops. and helicopters need Warrants to use infrared Cameras on your property. So dont Tell anyone. STFU about it seriously[/quote]

    Choppers need warrants to use infrared? Not trying to stir anything up but are you positive on that? Happy tokin :wave:
  5. they dont need warrants..they came to my parents house and hovered over their property...there was no warrant, they can scope anything they want out, from the skies. but they do need a warrant to come into your house or search your property by foot...unless they have probable cause, which is just about anything
  6. Thank you all for the answers. Silentnvd, it's not for outdoors only, and they need no permission to look at your house through infrared when they are up in the air looking at everything through infrared haha.

    Thank you Panda. I realized there is nothing to worry about, although I'm not growing... yet. Maybe the choppers we're just checkin if there was some nice dank on that tree :p

  7. Not trying to bust balls or start a fight but they absolutely need a warrant it is an invasion of privacy and is against the law here in the usa. In canada and uk is it legal for them to do without a warrant. And it costs them alot of money to run helicopters in uk and canada so its very unlikely.
  8. I confused, but open-minded and genuinely interested, on what information you're basing this statement? Did not the federal Supreme Court affirm a violation of the US Constitution, Amendment #4, for warrantless residential IR investigation by enforcement authority, in Kyllo vs US? Has that been overturned?

    I think the relevant point to OP's question is... whether they need warrants to use IR, not just look around. You're sure they were using IR at your parents?
    Of course they can fly over pretty much wherever they want and look for whatever.... I think this even went to the Supreme Court tho in the 80's and that was ruled to be not-unreasonable search.
  9. Lol cops dont care enough to bust 2 plant grows anyways
  10. Isn't the FLIR on the helicopters only used to detect huge amount of high heat signatures? Like... five 1000w lights in one room, or a few heat signatures in a row like you would hang grow lights? I don't think you need to worry about them finding out about you growing two plants. Worry about not telling anybody so nobody but you knows
  11. staying out of it
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  12. they have to have a warrant before looking for heat signatures. it was a supreme court decision even.
  13. Fishtanks have light bulbs and reptile tanks have heating pads. Either of these would give off the same light and heat as a small grow. There's no way they'd try to enter your house for a few lights
  14. fish tanks are a good excuse for your power bill as well!
  15. Your correct they do need warrants if they intend to use it in a court of law it is however common for them to do fly overs looking for excessive heat signatures. Once they suspect a house etc of growing they will then investigate and find another reason to get a warrant. The only difference having a warrant and not does is means they cannot stand up in a court and say this is why we raided you. If you search Google you can find hundreds of stories about the misuse of equipment without warrants but because they don't use it as evidence its almost as if it didn't happen. Of course there will be times where they do get a warrant more often the not no warrant is obtained.
  16. This is the pigs we are talking about. They will find you on IR and then say they smelt weed when they were in the area. They also don't even need a warrant in a lot of places.
  17. I have 3 plants outside right now about 50 feet from my house.  Helicopters (police, national guard, emergency) fly over all the time and my girls can't be seen from the road.  I have had no problems in central Texas.  
  18. Grow at night !

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