Can I use T5's and get proper results?

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  1. Can I use T5's for both vegetation and flowering? I was told I could veg pretty good but for flowering I will not get good results. I really want to use T5's because heat is an issue but if I am wasting my time with them I will just get a HPS/MH combo light. I also plan to use CFL's for side lighting. Thanks in advance!
  2. I have the 4' w/8 T-5 made by Sun leave. It had veg bulbs in it when I bought it, and it worked great for vegging, then I changed to the bloom bulbs (Red) and so far so good. Not much heat and a hell of alot better on the PG&E bill too. Its set up so you can daisy chain another light to it as well. I'm going to buy another one to expand my grow. Check them out, worth the time and in my opinion works great....Photos were May 2011

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  3. that is impressive, so you are using the 3k for flowering right now? and it is working just fine if not better?
  4. THe Veg 6500k, 40,000 lumes and with the Bloom tubes is 29K and 40,000 lumes at 425watts....We'll see how the grow ends up, but seems to working great. The cost was about $235.00 at Big Daddy Garden Supply, but you can get them from the Mfg. too.
  5. T5's and CFL's work just fine in my opinion. My results are just the same or
    better than a friend of mine that is using a 400 watt HPS.

    On a 10 sq. ft. grow I'm currently running. ( flowering section only )
    2 x 65 watt CFL's, 6700K - 7,600 lumens.
    1 x 68 watt CFL, 2700K - 4,200 lumens.
    2 x 58 watt 4ft. T-5's, 2700K - 10,000 lumens

    Total lumens 21,800

    This is working for me with 6 plants right now, and I am sure
    I could easily push that to 8 or 10.

    *Note I raised lights to take picture. Normally they are about
    3 to 5 in. above plant.



    7 week's into flowering.
    This strain has smallish rock hard buds.

  6. great stuff SS :D I have grown with t5s for years....i love them! i use 75% 6500k bulbs for flowering and 75% 3000k bulbs for flowering and i have had awesome results.
  7. My veg rooms gonna have 2 4x8 8 bulb t5s, and one 600 watts Mh bulb, and flower room will have 3 600 watt Hps and 1 5x8 8 bulb t5 on both sides of the grow room as side lighting lol! I got a 600 Mh and 600 hps and cooltube reflector and digital ballast and timer for 250. Lol so u bought 3 of those deals. And my t5s were 230 each
  8. Well. I know HID is better but as long as the T5's put out good results this is what I will try. Should be picking up my light tomorrow. It is a 6 bulb 48" T5 fixture. Probably use something for side lighting too. Not sure what yet.

  9. A very nice setup too, but I'd keep those electrics higher of the ground,...way too close to a damp floor....wait an see:devious:

  10. Thanks for the warning. But I'm not too worried. The electrical outlet is mounted a full 12 inch's above the floor on the wall. And all extension cords are zip tied to the underside of the wooden plant shelves. The photo does make it look like it's mounted closer to the floor though.
  11. Hey salish,

    T5s Can be amazing if used in combination with the right strain in the right style grown you can get some truly amazing results with t5s.

    Take a look at this grow journal to get some ideas.

    good luck,
  12. Wow looking at that journal gives me more confidence with my lighting choice. I will be compact flouro's for side lighting too. Would you guys recommend all 6500K then 3000K or mix the bulbs up a bit?

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