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Can I Use Medium Duty Appliance Extension Cord with 6 Outlet Power Bar?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by Akaz, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, I have a Belkin 6 outlet surge protector power strip (Belkin | 6 Outlet 2-Pack Surge 3 Ft. Cord | Home Depot Canada) and I need to make it longer. I picked up this medium duty appliance extension cord thing... I just wanted to ask for some help before I plug it into the wall (I've fried my last power bar cuz I tried to wire it with something else)

    The power bar properties is the same 125V 15A 14 gauge as the medium duty appliance extension cord. Can I simple plug these 2 together and plug the extension cord into the wall socket?

    Thanks a lot for the help! It's better to be safe than sorry!
  2. What all will you have running off of it? Total wattage?
  3. Im using this to plug my power bar light fixture in my rubbermaid tubs into the power bar /w with extension cord into the wall socket. Im using CFLs so its less than 200W for lights and a few pc fans... does this help u more with the total wattage?
  4. is the extension cord 3 pronged at least?
  5. Make sure its grounded...3 prong but also make sure its a heavy duty aka heavy gauge extension cord. I use two for both of my tents. Lower gauge wire can't pull a high load. There very easy to locate at home depot they have a whole section of various extension cables at home depot.

  6. Medium duty is fine for this low of a wattage. You really only need heavy duty for long distances and high amperage devices.
  7. Yes the power bar is 3 prong and the medium duty extension has 3 prong as well.. i made the noob and dangerous move of wiring a power bar with 3 prong with a 2 prong extension cord.. BAD IDEA lol it made a sound and sparks and shit and yeah.. never again thats why i had to ask before trying this out.

    The power bar I have and the medium duty extension cord can be connected together by putting the 3 prong into the 3 socket "prong" thing on the extension cord so I won't have to strip the wires and connect them.

    The gauge is the exact same 14 gauge for both.. would this still be okay??

    So would I be safe to plug my 200W of lights into a power bar (this is my light fixture for my rubbermaid growbox) that is plugged into another power bar that is grounded that is connected to the medium duty extension cord to the wall socket?
  8. Dude your fine. I read your post fast. 200 watts is nothing. A Xbox 360 can pull almost 400 throw in a LCD another 200, my home theater reciever is 500 watts, DVR is 200 watts. Apple TV is about 40. Your sweating the small stuff.
  9. At that wattage you will be fine, 14 gauge is good for 15A, which is good for 1800 watts.

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