Can I use blacklight to grow plants?

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  1. Just kidding, I know I can't. I have a different question though: What is that box for that comes with HPS lights? The one the cable runs to.
    Why can't I just put the HPS light into a socket and put a reflector above it?

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    The big box is ccalled a ballast. it's a special transformer that produces the high voltage required to run the lamp. the light WON'T work without it. cheapest way to save money on a grow light is to buy the bulb and ballast cheap from and buy a cheap reflector. try searching for
    "econowing" it's like 50 bucks.
  3. Those are MH lights.

    You need a MH ballast for MH bulbs
    HPS ballast for HPS bulbs
    you can buy a cheap conversion kit that allows you to use MH bulbs in HPS ballast.

    Anyway, you cant screw it in the socket like other bulbs because it needs a special "starting" process and a special power feed. Sort of like a power supply box.

    You know the CFL bulbs? the white plastic base is actually a ballast. You open it and it contains an electric circuit board etc. Just so you know, aside from incandescent, all bulbs night a form of ballast.

    HPS = Good for flowering, but can do vegetative too
    MH = Good for vegetative, not good for flowering.

    So if you only buy one, buy HPS

    400W would be the minimum power for it to be worth using vs CFL.
  4. Thank you guys for those quick answers. I gave both of you rep points for that.

    Gumdispenser, did you take a look at the link with the ballasts? Would they work? What else would I need if I had those ballasts shown on the link and a bulb?

  5. yeah those are fluorescent light ballasts. T8 fluorescent to be exact.

    The other link is for MH lighting, you need HPS if you're just going to buy ONE type of bulb (better to have both, but very expensive)

    As I said, many different bulbs need ballasts and they all have their own kind of ballasts. So dont just google for ballast

    Google for hps ballast.

    Then eBay for HPS ballast ;-)

    should be no less than 50$ for the ballast + another 20$ for the bulb
  6. im surprised the 400watt are 15$, make sure it works when you buy it. The bulbs arent even that cheap.

    As for the second link, it does look intergrated, but it's rated as 277v, dont know if it plugs in the wall or not.

  7. I'd say 250W HPS is about where it takes off... You really know your stuff about lighting... Have you read the lighting thread in my signature?


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