Can I use a short 18mm glass nail as a glass rod?

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by Just619, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Can I use a short 18mm glass nail as a glass rod without it heating so much and burning my fingers? Dunno how the heat transfers through the nail. If like only the area I'm heating gets hot or the whole thing
  2. How short is it? If it's too short, you might just burn you fingers with the propane torch, not hot glass.
  3. Prolly about 2 inches
  4. I've wondered the same, how heat travels through glass.
    I'd try it but be quite cautious, lightly touch the end you plan to grab just to make sure it isn't too hot to touch.
    Or get something like oven mitts so you don't have to worry about scorching your fingers.
  5. I wouldn't do it. I'd also worry about the nail breaking.
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    Bong hits with oven mitts. I like it.

  7. I'm assuming he means a glass nail as in for a dome? If so, they're meant to heat up. If I'm wrong just ignore this post haha
  8. They are, but glow rods are generally a little thicker at the end, and I've heard of a lot of nails cracking.
  9. no your right and i doubt it breaks. I have heard of nails breaking after a shit ton of use, but usually takes a while. your heating it up to use as a platform to vape concentrate id say it is fine to heat up and use as a nail, but saying that, you'll probably feel the heat.

    get something that you can grab it with and you're golden.

    but thats just theory, make sure you can actually get the hot part in the bowl good and give it a shot.

    but really drive over to a LHS if they have them there, should be generally cheap price...
  10. seems really tiny 2" to hold...your hand will prob get toasted if not burnt to a crisp haha....just wait until you can get another one in.

  11. I say give it a try its not gonna get insta hot at your finger tips the glass will gradually get hot. If your really worried hold the nail with a pair of pliers. If I remember correctly when I saw ETR shorten some nails he held them with his hand.
  12. Glass is really bad at conducting heat, i hold glass nails by the top when remove them from the main rod and sometimes it less then an inch long and its still cool even when im melting the other end
  13. I'll just be less ghetto and grab a glass rod next time im at the lhs lol

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