can i use a MHD setup with a HPS bulb?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by CSn0w, Oct 6, 2010.

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    right now my current setup is a ballast/light socket hookup
    i've heard the HPS Ballasts have an igniter, any way i could findout if mine does? it's one of these.


    but it came with a MHD bulb in it (400watts) i know MHD isnt ideal for flowering, but you think it'll do the job fo just 4 plants if i cant get a HPS to work in it?

    (btw mine is now turned horizontal to allow for the entire bulb to be reflected downwards with my own reflector on it)

  2. MH does not need an igniter, so if that is a MH ballast then it does not have an igniter and a HPS won't work off of it. You can buy HPS conversion bulbs, they are made to run off a MH ballast and have their own igniter built in, but they are rather expensive and hard to find.

    MH is not good for flowering. It can be done, but you are much better off with HPS for flowering.

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