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can i use a glass pyrex dish for decarbing??

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by hippie121, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. can i use a glass pyrex dish instead of a metal baking sheet for decarbing?

  2. [quote name='"hippie121"']can i use a glass pyrex dish instead of a metal baking sheet for decarbing?


    Yes :)
  3. franks alot :) im glad you say yes cuz i already went ahead and started using the glass

  4. Did you happen to use the search feature, or have a look at the stickied threads at the top of the forum? :)

    To learn how to make this (or your trimmings...)


    Into, this...


    See the link below:

    (First Page, contains detailed information on decarboxylation, or cannabinoid conversion..
    decarboxylation is the process of activating your cannabinoids 'potency' by removing the
    carboxyl group in the form of carbon dioxide and water vapor, converting your cannabinoids
    from their acid, to their more potent delta forms):

    Photo Tutorial: Highly Activated Med Grade Bioavailable Canna & Hash Oil, Edibles, Drinkables and more...

    The best oils, produce little to no odor during processing, if sealed properly and heated and cooled correctly. You can easily put it in any boxed brownie mix... be sure to read the final paragraph for detailed dosage information.

    (Excerpt from the tutorial....)


    " You will need:

    - A ceramic casserole dish, or a pyrex/glass pie dish... "

    You can complete the entire process in your oven, using the same dish, making it very easy, neat, and tidy.


    After heating, about an hour or two later...

  5. ive read so much and my memory is shot i forgot i saw that. sorry for my ignorance

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