Can I use a chillum as a bong piece ?

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    I wanna make a bong out of a water bottle but don't have anything to use as a stem to put tue weed in. but I have a chillum. Can I use that as a mouth piece ? It's about 3.5 inches long. Also is a plastic water bottle safe to use if I'm not burning the plastic?

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  2. The waterbottle will be fine, just don't make it a regular use thing. Upgrade to a normal bong when possible. The chillum should work as long as you can fit it in an airtight hole and have the end inside the bottle submerged in water. Don't forget to make a carb hole

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  3. It won't be a "bong" as there isn't any way to really pull the chillum out to pull the smoke through once the chamber is full. Need a downstem AND a slide to make a proper bong (imo). Otherwise what you really have is a glorified bubbler.

    and Idk what you plan on using as a bottle but the litre gatorade bottles are pretty stout on that end.

  4. hmm the carb hole is the same as a slide more air with slide since hole is bigger. old school bongs had no slides
    but they was still bongs, well we sold them as waterpipes .

    and most likely the only reason we have slides today was because of a stoned glass blower who forgot to make the carb holes in the bongs they made .

    glass has come a long ways since than must admit I only have one glass bong left with a carb hole rest have broke glass was thin back than bowl was lost still need replacement untll than my 4 foot bong stays in the box it came in .all my ceramics do have carb holes.

    but I would make the chillum as the bowl just melt a hole you can use a grommet in between silicone hose cut slide over the chillum
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  5. I did it today it helps to have a female piece tho

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