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Can I turn cannabis tincture into dabs?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by guitarded_Tunes, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. I have a small bottle of tincture I got from a dispensary and I was wondering if there is any way to turn it into something I could dab? The ingredients are vegetable glycerin, cannabis flower, distilled water, organic agave, lemon grass, basil, and rosemary. After state testing it has 165 mg of thc and 389 mg of cbd, so I think it would make for some interesting dabs if possible
  2. good question but i personally wouldnt wanna dab vg even tho its used in vape products can cause popcorn lungs also basil in my lungs doesnt sound to healthy either
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  3. I don't think so your asking for a miracle there.

    If you came from a dispensary erm why not buy concentrate?

    I'm curious what would happen if you vacuum purge that tincture ...maybe it will pull everything but thc
  4. Lololol basil I have no idea why they would add rosemary salt pepper and all that garbage.

    I make my own thc cartridges and it's so freakin easy. I have a terpine solution that I add to my concentrates I make from fresh frozen trim. I buy the Terp solution, I make the concentrate. Add the two together. No salt, no pepper.

    Any flavor added to tinctures thc pens ect should be terpines solely, as terps are present in any good quality grown bud. Glycerin should be left out it gives you a dry taste. Not to knock e-cig owners but when I vape thc oil that has glycerin I can taste it and being an ex-e cig owner I hate the taste of glycerin, expecially after even a few hours of usage. Terps terps!!
  5. Lol I was given the tincture for free and it's much cheaper to buy than the concentrates. I was just getting stoned wishing I could take a dab when I saw the bottle and started to wonder. Mainly I'd like to know if there's anyway I can separate the cannabinoids from that other stuff like rosemary
  6. VG does not cause popcorn lung. There is a chemical in some ejuices named diacetyl which may or may not cause popcorn lung. It tends to be found in sweet custard type of ejuices. But this has nothing to do with VG or ejuice in general.
  7. no the popcorn lung is from the popcorn processing plants which use vg hence the name
  8. No it's not, please do some research. Diacetyl is used in the artificial butter that's used in the popcorn plants.

    Diacetyl - Wikipedia
  9. vg is safe to smoke. Once they add agave and herbs though i would say it makes it a no go. Say they made a pure glycerin tincture then you would be fine to dab. The reason i am sure of this is cartridges are made this way. Lemon grass, basil, and rosemary may of been added for there anti bacterial properties. It seems as though its high cbd so maybe it is intended for epilepsy in kids hence the herbs and flavoring.
  10. I've seen numerous methods of converting almost any concentrate into a tincture, but nothing in the reverse. Is there any way to separate the thc/cbd from the glycerin, lemon grass, and other stuff?
  11. Probably not a good idea. Just keep it simple. Tincture for under the tongue. Dabs for dabbing. Easy and no worries.
  12. Please please tell me how you make your concentrates from trim. Are you using alcohol or what? Been trying to make a decent cartridge for weeks and only waste, waste, waste.

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