Can i try to clone these yet? With Pics

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by tobymac420, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. My plants are about 4 weeks in veg. I have never tried to clone before but I have these plants now that a just all growing so amazing that i feel now is the time to try if ever. Im not sure if im to late to clone or not far enough. Thanks for any help and comment if you would like.

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  2. Go for it. Looks great for some cuts.
  3. What's the best cloning chemical and method.
  4. Everyone has thier own favorite way. I'm a simpleton. I cut them, set the cut ends in a pitcher of cold tap water for a while. 45' cut underwater to desired length. Shake dry, dip in cloning gel, and water in with azos. Cook on low for 14 days, reay to run.
    (the cloning gels and powders are all the same willow extract)
  5. I'm a fan of cloning with rumple's cloner. Search in grow room design Diy... I've tried 4 batches and that one worked perfect for me

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