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  1. het gc I got 4 seeds on the go, 7 days since germed they are about 2 inches tall, problem is I run hydro and these babies were given to me in soil. I was wondering if anyone has has success transferring the plants from a soil pot to a net pot with hydroton. I have read some people have cleaned roots with warm water and the plants didn't seem too shocked, but has any body here personally done it? I have no room for these pots in my setup so please help
  2. Be gentle is all you can do, most are weeds but some need extra care just not to hermie.
  3. what are the chances of her makin it doc? lmao
  4. Hey blood. I actually am having success right now doing a transfer. I germinated and grew the seedlings in the little 1 inch jiffy peat for about 2.5 weeeks until the roots started popping out of the bottom of the jiffy pellet. I transfered them to a 16 oz water bottle which i cut in half and had it filled with HappyFrog potting soil. Watering when the soil was basically dry every 3-4 days, I waited till the roots were fully showing in the bottom of the water bottle. I was told this was good to do as it promotes root growth due to the roots searching for water. After about 3 weeks, I transfered them to the 5 gal DWC. At first, the growth was delayed about a week, due to shock but using GH nutes they're looking great and i ciuldn't be happier. BTW, I am a first time grower so I really am learning on the fly so if you have any advice for me I appreciate it.
  5. would you suggest waiting a week or two then, or should I be fine even though they are still small and young. the one is taking off like, well, a weed. 4 inches tall and she's 8 days old

  6. The younger the better, less root structure.
  7. I'm going to transfer pretty quick, just mixed up my nutes. I'm thinking around 50 ppm for dwc for these seedlings?
  8. transplant is done, I ripped a couple fine roots off 2 of them, but I think the should survive. for a week the roots were huge!
  9. Once they are over the shock of being transplanted(few days to a week) you should start seeing some nice growth. A buddy of mine gave me a botlle of Fossil Fuel a few drop into your buckets should help the roots blow up.
  10. N dont worry about the fine roots they'll be fine.
  11. thanks guys, they are already seeming to Like the dwc, the two that I didn't wreck any fine roots have started another set of leaves!

    will post some eye candy for you guys in a few days. look for a journal posted in a few days, for a lots of great things to say about some led lights and micro grows
  12. Keep us posted.
  13. plants for the most part are. looking healthy, one may not survive but for the most part they now love the dwc. I will be posting a journal soon possibly this week
  14. Cmon anticipatin'..
  15. fine... you convinced me
    check in an hour boys and girls.
  16. okay boys and girls check out my journal under indoor journals! thanks for your help

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