can I top yet? orrrrrr

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  1. About 3 weeks in
    First grow
    What do you guys think? Can I top em yet?





    Close up


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  2. yes you can anywhere above where you have bottom growth is good. id say a couple internodes from the top, dont be scared to clip that top off!
  3. I'd just like to echo exactly what he said above.
    the plant is perfect size for topping
  4. sweet thanks guys i topped em off thanks for the feed back!! :smoke:
  5. ya man you couldve topped a week ago and could have been doing your second top by now! go for it. I actually just topped yesterday 3 weeks in. But i literally JUST found out about it (first time grower)
  6. Were in the same boat man, first timer as well. Tryna learn all the cool tricks first time around ¦]
  7. A good rule if you have full fan leaves you can feed them start small low dose and top them too

    What are you using for nutes

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  8. Honestly, Haven't started nutes on em yet. I heard 20.20.20 mix is good? Any suggestions? I'm trying to be organic as possible
  9. General organics made by general hydroponics is good base to start with I use it works great and it's tuff to burn your plant with it too as long as you don't get crazy with the dose

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