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  1. Can I take cuttings of these as each stem only has one leave and the plant is at least 3-4 month old and is not flowering at all

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  2. that plant is 3-4 weeks maybe, certainly not months. I would wait till it gets much bigger before you start clippings
  3. He said they were a month old 2 weeks ago so idk what he's talking about... he apparently had it next to a windowsill with no extra light. Probably just a troll...

    Grow journal
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  4. Loool. Not even any branches
  5. I'm not joking it's been inside just next to a window for months
  6. Dude cfls are like 10$ max for real get out of the window and attempt or you won't get anything from it

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  7. What are you going to make the clones from? Those plants don't have any branches to cut! Get some lights and top the plants to promote side branch growth. After a couple of weeks, you should have some branches to cut.
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