Can I still bend em??

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  1. I have 5 females. 2 of them have started flowering. 1 about 2 weeks ago, the other a week behind that one. I have 3 others that are still vegging. The pics are of them. So my wuestion is, Can I tie the main limbs back and still get the bottom ones in the middle to shoot up? Or will I hurt them if they are close to flowering as well?
    On a side note. 2 of the three that are vegging, I dug up about 2 weeks ago and put them in bigger holes filled with compost. They have grown tremendously in that short time.

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  2. It'll be ok unless it's a sensitive strain. If that's the case then it wasn't meant to be. I always out mine to test with planty of manhandling lol. some people train till harvest especially for strains that like to stretch out of no where toward the end. Not all do but some will. They usually do it cuz they have to or it'll hit light.
  3. Seems the last two weeks these two plants thatch transplanted have really shot up. I'm gonna bend em lol
  4. You can always bend them down... the branches that stretch to far towards the light during flip I supercrop (snap the stems to have them sit evenly In the canopy) but you can definitely tie down anytime.

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  5. I've cropped the others earlier on. But I'm scared to do it now being that the others are already flowering. If I topped them now and they went to flowering, what would happen??
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  6. My last grow I topped my bagseed at 12/12 switch to stunt it... it still grew fine... the two tops it produced gave me 10 grams each and the two secondary branches gave me 8 grams each lol all in all over 50 grams off of a small plant I was expecting 15-20 from.

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