Can I start my flush

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Corky99, Dec 29, 2019.

  1. Definetly not ready. Be patient bro. Many new growers harvest too early. Dont be one of those guys. It might be ready in 2 weeks but let the plant tell you instead of just guessing. You're new to this, relax and learn buddy

    You never have to flush if you don't over feed
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  2. I'm not rushing I'm just asking when do I start my flush. But I can promise I won't be a new one grower that harvests early.
    From the new photos I posted how long would you say ?
  3. How would I actually know when it's ready for Harvey ? Would I go off the tricombs ?
  4. Yup Tricomes should be all cloudy and depending on your taste 20/50 percent amber but that is up to the consumer but all cloudy at least imo

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  5. Like i said before....never

    Dont over feed and theres no reason to flush
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  6. Thanks for the help much appreciated I will continue my feeding but just so I am happy I will flush the last 3 days but I won't rush and will keep checking tricombs
  7. My one plant all pistols are brown and curling back in doesn't that mean it's ready to chop
  8. Show a pic

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