Can I start my flush

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  1. Hi this is my first grow.
    Growing in Coco 70/30 mix
    6 blueberry kush auto
    They are 10 weeks old.
    My question is can I start my final flush before harvest I have checked my trichomes and out of 6 all of them are cloudy amber and the other 2 are clear/ cloudy some have brown pistols some still have white pistols.

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  2. Flushing is for toilets and over feeding soil growers mate.
    Once they look 3 weeks ish to go just half the nutes every week.
    They don’t want much but they do still want some. No point starving them during the biggest phase of weight gain.
    Feed right and they’ll come out clean as a whistle :)
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  3. So you are saying no need to flush them at all at the moment I'm feeding 2ml micro and ml bloom Ber gallon
  4. Too early. That plant still has a lot of time left, flushing now would be a bad idea

    On a side note: dont over feed and theres no reason to ever flush
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  5. How many ml bloom mate? Don’t suppose you’ve got a ppm meter?
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  6. I don't use a ppm meter and I'm using 4ml bloom per gallon
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  7. They are autoflower breeder only recommends 11 weeks from germination
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  8. Ahh sound, your feeding even lighter than I do haha and that’s genuinely quite impressive mate. I’m actually surprised you’ve no deficits.
    Just keep doing what you’re doing though, give it a week then half them.
    Another week and half them again.
    Couple days on just water if you really need to sooth that uncontrollable itch then they should be ready.
    3 weeks max I’d think as it’s an auto. Ignore breeders times for them though. There’s a hundred and one grower habbits that shorten or extend the grow time.
    I can generally push em to 49 days before seeing pistils.
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  9. Thanks for your help pictures don't do it justice they are a lot bigger and are dense.
    So you think another 2 weeks then chop I was going to flush for another 2 weeks anyway so I'll just cut the feed down and then just water for last 3-4 days.
    Thought the whole grow I've been using gh trio micro gro bloom and calmag I have only just cut the calmag and gro out
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  10. The reason I recommend the halving thing too is because I grow in reservoirs aswell as pots.
    Res growers can see how much feed the plant is absorbing from the mix and that’s roughly how it goes.
    By the time they’re done they pretty much stop absorbing nutes altogether and just take in enough water to stay alive.
    They can only do that if you lower the dose though. Hence why those that feed too strong get nasty tasting weed.
    The roots are intelligent and if you feed light enough to give them room for thought they’ll pick and choose what they want and when they want it.
    As long as the dose is light enough they’ll do to themselves what flushers think theyre doing. But without the possibility of reduced yields etc due to underfeeding at the wrong time.
    The leaves still eat themselves once you get the hang of it so you can see your not feeding in excess
  11. Ahh, that makes more sense haha. Thought that was a little light.
    I’d give it another week at full strength of current dose though mate. Still lots of white pistols there so at least 2 weeks. Probably closer to 3 though I think.
  12. Thank you I'm planning on chopping it in 2 weeks anyway so I'll just continue with low dose for the next 2 weeks and I'm sure they will be good
  13. Loads of white pistols bit tricombs are cloudy and about 10% amber
  14. A few pictures with lights off and of the tricombs

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  15. You’ll be pleasantly surprised mate. Still got a bit of packing out to do :)
    Can half the dose now if it makes you feel better. Won’t hurt them but personally I’d give it another week
  16. Never go by breeders times. You cant replicate their grow. You know nothing of their enviroment, lighting, feeding. Plus you just flat out do not have the knowledge of the strain the breeder does. Breeders times ar notoriously shorter then actual grow time. I consider breeders times as a "best case scenerio" that most of us will never achieve. Its very common for plants to go weeks longer. Your plant is nowhere near ready. That many white pistils means its still growing, putiing o weight and maturing.

    Examine the trics on the buds, not the leaves. Theres no way your plant is as far as long as you think it is. Ive been growing for over 30 years, that plant is not ready
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  17. Thank you for you input. I will be chopping them in 2 weeks I'm sure by then they will be ready
  18. I posted some new pictures for you to look at if that helps
  19. I know it's not ready I was asking when to flush
  20. I've posted some pics of the tricombs if that helps

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