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Can I smoke on Friday and have it out of my system by monday?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by zenmasta, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. okay so I really wanna smoke today, but I have a drug test on Monday... Do you think I'd be okay if I only smoked a few hits?
  2. Yah man of course all of those online pages that say how it takes 1-3 weeks are all a lie it actually goes away in 2 days :)


    but if we where to be serious for a second... no
  3. What's the point of even risking it?
  4. how can u have a drug test monday when monday is a holiday? dont smoke
  5. just smoke after you get drug tested as a reward for passing your test. its only 2 days
  6. Cmon,wow,really,seriously! Just don't smoke (wiset words you'll here until monday).
    chew gum you'll be alright.
  7. Dont cave in this close to your drug test man. Tough it out it will be worth it.
  8. hahahaha well I guess I'm not gonna even try then lol
  9. Just imagie how that extra t break is helping ur tolerance just relax and jack off lol

  10. what holiday is monday lol?
  11. LoL.^

  12. Is there a holiday??? Am i missing something here lol

  13. martin luther king jr day
  14. Think of it this way, would you rather get high or get this job? (i assume its job related), either way theres no way you'll pass, ive had my share of drug tests and even after smoking a bowl or two i always regret it and panic till the test day, even exercising etc, i usually leave 30 days in between, yeah its tough to do but if it has to be done then so be it, don't risk it man its not worth it, im only saying this because i was in the same boat as you, had my test 2 days ago and passed (thank fuck) and now im gunna go smoke, not only has my tolerance had a break but im actually excited to be getting high haha

    EDIT: Saying that, i passed a test 7 days after smoking 2 grams, i ran 2 miles everyday (do anyway to keep fit) so i burned a lot of thc fatty stuff off lol i think at least a week is needed to be a little safe
  15. [quote name='"SIRSOG"']

    Is there a holiday??? Am i missing something here lol[/quote]

    MLK day dude....look at a calendar.

  16. hahahahaha

    no wonder wiki didnt know what jan 16th meant, because that shits always on the third monday, not always the 16th

    And i work, so its hardly a holiday for me.... meh
  17. Pffft MLK day is no holiday.
  18. If you smoke crack or meth maybe. Cannabis sadly no :(
  19. depends on your weight, body fat %, how often you smoke, etc. Probably not worth the risk though..

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