Can I smoke crumble from an E-Cig?

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  1. Alright folks, I'll be straight up. I have to live with my grandparents for a month and I have some beautiful crumble I would like to enjoy. Problem is, my dab rig is in Colorado and I need something much more discreet. Could I go with an E-Cig? Or is there a pen I can buy in Kansas? How do I ask for it in smoke shops without getting kicked out?
  2. Maybe you should try knife hits. Wait till no one is in the house then smoke it up

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    It depends on what type of mod and tank you have. Considering those dab pens have no issue smoking up wax (not as instantaneously as touching to a hot nail but it still smokes it up for you).

    E-cig mods and dab pens are the exact same technology. Only differenceish? between them is the coil used in the tank area. E-cig tanks use cotton around the coil to wick the liquid that gets vaporized. Dab pens just don't use cotton around the coils. Boom!

    The Dab pens are only slightly more powerful than a "stick" mod (something like less than 20 watts at best probably 11ish). It doesn't take much to heat up those coils (shut up all you out there that are going to argue about ohms and how that factors in I know...just generalizing).

    Tempature control mods are a great example of how some of those boxes have a max wattage of 20 and yet temp control can still hit its max Tempature (usually 600 degrees). Then those that are 200 watts still have the same max temp setting in temp control mode 600. The difference is the power they have to get you to that premature before regulating output to maintain the set temp. A 200 watt box can hit 600 degrees instantaneously, the 20 watts box may take a few seconds to reach that temp.

    When not in Tempature control mode via the box and coils, the Tempature is no longer regulated and will continue to heat up until you stop giving it power. (Boxes usually have a 10 second cutoff for safety but coils can easily exceed tempature of 1200 degrees in that time which can bring up the concept of oxidizing the coils from heating them up too much a d can potentially be unhealthy to smoke off those coils but since we're talking about smoking in general cigs weed meth, I don't think health concerns are really where any of us will say no that's the line on how unhealthy my smoke will be.)

    Crumble needs more heat than wax to be smoked. As long as you have a high wattage box (probably anything above 50, although there's plenty of 200 watt boxes for less than 50$. Then all you need is a type of take to heat up and smoke it from. RDAs should work perfectly for this. You could wrap wire around something small like a thing screw driver, then just smash the coil flat to create a larger surface area for the Crumble to touch and fire her up...warning I assume an Rdas has no problem smoking it up, but it will most likely give shotgun like hits instead of bong like or e-cig like pulls.

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