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Can I smoke bud that has been vaped?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mal11, May 4, 2011.

  1. Just wondering cause I have some left over vaped bud in a baggie that has been sitting just in case I might want to make some edibles, but it'll take too long to acquire enough vaped bud to make edibles. So can I toke it or would it not be worth it?
  2. You can, but to me, it tastes like straight up poison.
  3. It's shitty. I'd do it before smoking dank, to get you at least semi-buzzed.
  4. just wait, im going to need to wait a few months until I can make edibles with my vaped weed

    but it will be worth it
  5. Yeah you can, but it tastes shitty.
  6. You can, but the THC content left in it will be negligible. Not worth it imo. Save for brownies or a delectable treat. Maybe even throw into a tincture!
  7. IMO it would be pointless to smoke it before dank. The dank will just make the first toke obsolete, and then you just wasted it, not to mention it probably wasn't nearly as pleasant of an experience.

    I'd just save it. Either break it out when you are dry and really really want to toke, or allow it to build up enough till you can make some edibles. I'd avoid smoking it for pleasure
  8. I don't smoke my abv but, my buddy does when he's dry. He says its gross tasting bud it gets him buzzed. Depends on how vaped it is too. Dark brown will have a lower thc percentage obviously, and vice versa.
  9. I've done it

    It's not that bad, but it's also not that good.

    If you are out of weed, go for it
  10. if it's some already vaped indica it will just make you super tired. good for falling asleep quick tho.
  11. Roll it into a fat blunt.
  12. Tastes bad and quality is like schwag... I do it when I'm dry
  13. Isn't the whole point of vaping the discontinuation of the combustion of your herb?
  14. You might as well smoke like grass off the ground or something
  15. How much vaped bud would I need for edibles?
  16. I've heard 8-12 g's of pre-vaped per cup of cannabutter (2 sticks).

  17. Depends how strong you want a brownie to be. 20 grams of vape should be enough to make some very good oil for a brownies, in my opinion. At that potency you should only need 1-2 brownies depending on your tolerance.
  18. Ive smoked them out of joints and it is not really that pleasant.... if anything you should smoke it out of a bowl...i did that once and i got pretty ripped off 1 bowl but at the same time i dont recommend smokign it, i have built up a large reserve of AVB and i plan to cook cookies/brownies sometime soon with it.
  19. ive smoked it , gives a little buzz but imo i think saving it is better cause you can make a batch of brownies and one brownie knock you out
  20. i made some QWISO with some ABV, i had 7gs and got about 2 bowls of hash, tasted gross but got me really high, a weird sort of high that made me feel like i was only smoking a couple cannabinoids, not the complete package

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