Can I smoke again

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  1. hello,

    I recently took a pre employment drug test for a new job offer. I had smoked a tiny bit about a week before I took my test, I had not smoked for a month and a half before that, so was probably clean. I have been working for 5 days tomorrow and it has been 5 business days since I took my test. If I haven’t heard anything since I took my test, would I more than likely be in the clear by now. It was a labcorp test, but I took it on a Thursday and started the following Monday so they may not have had the results by the time I started on Monday but they told me to go ahead and come in.
  2. Yea HR isn't going to email you like "congrats you passed a drug test lol" if it's been a business week since you took the test I would assume you're fine. The results are normally instant and then fed into a computer and an email sent to the HR Dept on file. If you're nervous wait another week

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  3. You smoke three weeks and chill on the fourth until you hear news.

    Befriend coworkers and bring ot up casually. "Hey do you guys piss test" after bringing one out to shoot pool.

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  4. I think if you're working it means you passed. Freeze some of your urine just in case you're retested at some point. Next time test yourself before the official test. Never take a test without knowing your status.

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