can i save my baby!!!!

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  1. please help one of my plants withered while i was at work, i work 12 hour shifts and when i got home it was limp. all the branches have start to hang down. i have been having a problem with temp. and the soil seemed slightly dry. can this be saved

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  2. It looks abit like dehydration mate. try giving it plenty of water and light and see how it goes the next couple of days.

    It looks pretty green and "healthy" on the pics so i just think its because of lack of water.
  3. Agreed. Definitely need water. After a good watering they will purk up again in a very short time, could be around an hour. GL with the grow.
  4. It's not a bad idea to raise the light for a spell, while they're recuperating. If you have the room raise about 12" until they regain their health.
  5. thanks guys, it was just the water it was looking good after about to hours. i'm actually about to give my plants there first nutes. this plant is big bang and i have an alaskan ice growing too. check out my grow journal let me know what you think

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