Can i save her !?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Kerbob16, May 25, 2010.

  1. hey guys, i dont have a clue whats going on with my plant. She looks pretty close to dead and im not sure what to do about it.

    Shes 3 weeks today into flowering and there is barley any white hairs and no buds at all. Ive been feeding every second watering a very small amount of schultz bloom builder.

    Last monday i was really high and forgot to water my plant sunday at midnight ( i water mondays and thursdays). In the morning she looked horrible and i got scared and gave her tripple the watering i usually do. The worst part is, it was tap water. Ive been doing that a bit lately, filling up a 500ml cup of tap water because im too lazy to go downstairs and get filtered water. So apparently this is a ph problem and a nutrient deficiancy, but im obviously not an expert and i need someone to help me out here.

    Is there any way i can still save this plant? By the way, it may look like its being burned but its not hot at all in my grow box and i have a fan running on the plant 24/7.

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  2. oh shit kerby what did you do?

    Looks like she got really dry and really hot. Water her, raise the lights, and get a fan on her.

    water her and take some run off pH
  3. i dont know what i did man. I had a really hectic weekend i slept at my buddies house and popped pills. when i came home i realized i fucked up without evening knowing.

    I have a fan running on her 24/7 and i kept watering and watering and nothing changed. the rest of the plant looked fine for a bit and the two tops were still dying.. then the whole plant just gave in. Theres no more room to raise the lights :(
  4. I'd say ph problem, and from the looks of it it's way off. Get some runoff from the plant and adjust accordingly. There is still time to save her imo.
  5. but is saving her even worth it? shes already 3 weeks into flowering. It would take forever to get some buds off her and i need this grow to be done by mid june which isnt going to happen.
  6. Nop, isn't going to happen. Better luck next time.
  7. plants perk up from a pH problem almost immediately. Your yields won't be great, but you can get something if you fix it now. It's "burned" because of the pH problem, not the lights. The plants have to literally touch CFLs to get burned, and even then it's minor.

    edit: though your plant wouldn't finish for at least 8 weeks in total, meaning 5 more to go minimum... it was never going to happen by mid june unless you harvested some useless prebuds.
  8. Dude my suggestion is, find a spot outside, transplant her and let her be. Water as needed and she might surprise you by harvest time.
  9. I think im going to pick up a ph kit at home depot or online. Apparently i really need one lol.

    I already have 5 seeds ready to be planted outdoors next week, i want to keep this one indoors.

    On thursday im supposed to feed her, should i just skip the feeding and flush her with filtered water?

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