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Can I reconstitute a QWISO oil with normal alcohol for a tincture to save money?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by harpoon71, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. Hi guys.

    I live in the UK and I have just bought 500ml of 95% Vodka for a shocking £35 ($45). At the same time I bought 500ml of ISO from Ebay for 5 bucks.

    Making a tincture is extremely wasteful if you don't have specialized kit, I mean the constant buying of alcohol.

    So my question is can I make an extraction using cheap QWISO technique, and then once all the ISO has evaporated reconstitute the residue back into a tincture using a little of the more expensive Vodka?

    This is for some trial tincture for my Mother's migraines. I'm also worried about the reports of the tincture making a burning sensation under the tongue, is there anything else the tincture could be mage from?

  2. Theoretically yes, but you are playing with poisonous fire. All would be well if you could get rid of 100% of that iso and its impurities. I have a chemistry background, and I'd never hope to get rid of all that residue. Even 0.1% impurities can be horrible for your health.
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  3. If it is so hard to remove the ISO how does someone like Rick Simpson and everyone else do theirs.
  4. They ingest those impurities, probably harming themselves in the process. Rick Simpson was no chemist, and even recommended the use of naptha, which is worse than iso.
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  5. [​IMG]
    1 full fifth of very high proof drinking grade Ever Clear
    1 Quart jar of decarbed rough ground bud
    Freeze both parts, Combine and shake 30 seconds. Strain weed with potato ricer or garlic press for smaller loads.
    Wear Gloves as this will transdermal stone through bare skin. ( ask me how I learned )
    Yes the raw tincture burns under the tongue it's 190 proof alcohol. Naturally it burns. Mix with a shot of water and swish if you don't like the burn. I like it so it's not an issue.
    As far as cost the tincture will last for weeks or months as you only need an eyedropper at a time so you'll find the actual alcohol cost isn't the killer your thinking it is cost wise.
    I share much of my finished RSO extract with cancer patents and people with compromised immune systems and the slight extra cost of working with only food grade drinking alcohol is a safety factor I wouldn't want to do without.
    If you do this in any larger scale a small still works well for alcohol recovery and that brought my costs down to a manageable point as I'm old and fixed income and can't afford to watch gallons of $$$$ alcohol just evap to air.
    Since I'm not making new alcohol from mash I'm technically not breaking any laws in this state running it. :)
    I buy 151 Ever Clear and redistill it to 190 and recover it when I make RSO from tincture.
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  6. Thanks for all the information. Much appreciated.

    Just tried some tincture under the tongue and holy shit it burns. Couldn't hold it for very long so I had to do a cold water swill of the mouth, so it was half a sublingual and half an edible dose. Got me very high though.

    How do I give a tincture to my mother for her migraines knowing she'll be mashed out of her skull? Or do I have to get hold of low THC weed? She has never tried weed and is 70.

    Looking at your set up, I can see that for the price of 10 bottles of vodka I could get a still set up from Ebay. You have opened my mind.
  7. @harpoon71
    It's all in the dosing. Start with a single drop and see where it puts her. Tincture hits almost instantly so there is really no wait time to mess with like edibles and oil preparations do.
    Wait 5 minutes and give her another drop, Keep it up until she's high or getting relief. Keep track of how many drops it took.
    It takes a while this way but it's the safe way so to not overwhelm with to much to fast and them becoming scared of it and that's the last thing you want.
    Put the drop in with 10 drops of water to lessen the burn and hold and swish as long as possible if needed.
    Personally the oral tincture is like smoking with the same fast hit and it wears off after about 45 minutes on average depending on strain.
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