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Can I put kitchen towels in a 'Sploof' to make it smoke less?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheMadStoner, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Hi guys im new hear just joined today and already love it :D
    So anyway i was wondering if I could but kitchen towels in my sploof to absorb the smook and to make it smokeless and odor less at the same time ????

    Thanks ;)
  2. just get dryer sheets dude
  3. It would do that but dont plan on putting them back because it will smell pretttty shitty and there will most likely be a nice big brown spot from the smoke. But it would effectively absorb a decent amount of smoke when used in addition to dryer sheets
  4. Less Smoke. Yes
    Less Oder. No.

    Dryer sheets remove both.
  5. It'll work to catch some of the toxins but I don't think it'll make the stink go away. The dryer sheets have odor blockers in them.
  6. yeah man thanks maybe it wouldnt really work i might have to change the kitchen towel all the time i think ill just just dryer sheets lol thanks
    All hale the sploof hahaha thanks guys :D
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    ^plain and simple
  8. Kind of a related question. Say that I just take one big bong rip, and then blow it through a sploof, no toweling the door, no opening the window or anything...would that elimate the smell pretty much?
  9. Dude bong rips hardly even smell. At least my GB doesnt. A sploof is almost overkill at that point, but if the Rents or Siblings are near it would be 100% smell proof.

  10. Well see, I'm using a water bottle (it's only temp..), but, there's no water filtration, I just milk the bottle and then clear it. Without the water filtration, would one big rip smell after blowing it through the sploof?
  11. Yea a sploof with dryer sheets makes the room smell better, I would smoke in the dorms all day with a sploof.

    An alternative I would use is take fabreeze or some kind of cologne and spray it all over a towel then fold it up and exhale.. not as great as dryer sheets but gets the job done
  12. I stopped using a sploof when I was younger and got a bunch of blisters on my face from the dryer sheets. Not sure if it's a natural reaction or if I'm allergic. If it is an allergy, it's the only one that I have. Anyway. If you're concerned about smoking inside because you don't want guests, family, or any other unsuspecting person to smell the undeniable dankness you can do this: Get a box fan that either entirely fills out your window or fills it out to one edge (by one edge I mean, make sure it either fits the window in width or height, but both are not required), after you've got your box fan, get a piece of cardboard to fill out the spots where air could blow back in. Face your fan outwards, turn it on medium setting. I find that on the highest setting it's more likely to topple backwards and make a loud crash for all of your neighbors to hear. I set a few pillows down in front of it just in case it would happen, but it generally doesn't on a low-medium setting. Smoke to your heart's content. If you're worried about other people in the house smelling, DO NOT put a fan under the door UNLESS other windows are open. If your window is the only one open, your room will become a vacuum and air will pull itself under the door, allowing no place for smell or smoke to escape to outside of the room. If you do all of this, the smell will be gone in a half hour at the most. My non-smoker friend who comes over says it's gone in 20-25 minutes when I smoke in the room. Hope I could help in some way.
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    The dryer sheets have tons of toxic chemicals in them... dont mess with them.

    And to smoke indoors without smoke or smell, take a normal towel. Fold it four times or so. You want the towel to be thick to capture the smoke. Now take a hit, and press the towel over your mouth really hard creating an air tight seal between your lips and towel, now exhale and look at the towel. There is your hit.
  14. No dude, in fact it will be a strong smell of said dryer sheets, I can tell you right now you can blow the smoke through the sploof into your parents face and it will not smell like weed or tobacco.

    Edit: & at 2step4nathan you CAN put the dryer sheets at the opposite end so they dont even touch your lips, just be sure to not blow them out of the roll. I have heard of allergic reactions to certain dryer sheets and that is a solution to it.
  15. Sounds convincing to me! I'll probably make a sloof out of a water bottle. Easier to blow all of the smoke in the bottle, and you can cap it afterwards.
  16. try a towel first!
  17. I dont even use sploofs when using a GB, you will see, it has almost no smell! Like the smell of the dryer sheets will smell stronger than your smoke. But I would suggest using the sploof if you have ANY doubts, better safe than sorry, but you can be uber confident when using, just be careful for the sounds and you will be all set! I have smoked for 2 months straight using this method and the only reason I was caught was because I got too stoned and forgot all my shit in the bathroom!
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    I tried it with a pair of pants before (like, soft pajama pants, ha.)

    It seemed to work alright, then again, I have a shitty sense of smell when I'm faded.

    I'll probably try out a sploof anyways :smoke:

    Not worrying about parents finding out, dad knows I blaze...But There's three little kids that live with me. Don't need to be stinking up the house.
  19. This is what I do, litterally no smell.

    The hell with sploofs, I never needed one and the towel trick does a much better job. It is a lot simpler too.

  20. I've realized this now that I'm not a fifteen year old dumbass anymore, lol.

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