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Can i pull it off?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WizTheKhalifa, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. So ive been chillin in my basement which has 3 sectioned off rooms with doors. My parents will be upstairs 2 floors up sleeping tonight. So do you think i can smoke in the one sectioned off small room that is mainly used for storage without my parents knowing?They will be sleeping. im planning on smoking a like a bowl. Should i use a sploof? there is no window. I have smoked like 3 hits worth in that room before and it didnt smell too bad. I usually smoke in my room but my xbox is downstairs so i wanna chill down here.
  2. Two floors up? Bro, you'll be fine. If you're so worried though, why not just sneak a toke outside?
  3. Find a toilet paper roll and a few dryer sheets. Stuff the dryer sheets into the toilet paper roll and blow the smoke through that. If you're careful and blow slow, it will cut down the smoke by at least 50%.

  4. I just dont wanna go outside haha. I have the comfort of my couch. Also i dont want to wake my parents by going outside.
  5. Yea you will be fine. Definitely use a sploof if there aren't any windows. If you have febreze I would spray that in the room as well. All in all, you are all good.
  6. I just blow mine into the air and spray some air freshener lol
  7. i do this all the time, you're good bro

    sink into the couch, play some music, and watch tv
  8. If smell is a concern, I actually sugest going outside. I sneak out in the backyard all the time. That way, when I get back in the house, I don't have to get tripped out over worrying about anything.

    When I'd smoke in the basement when people were sleeping, the smell went through the vents and up into my bro's room. At least he didn't tatle-tell on me :p
  9. If you're just smoking a bowl the smell should be gone by tomorrow, marijuana smell doesn't linger like cigarettes.
  10. You're probably alright.
    If you had a window you'd be set.
    As long as you have some febreze or something you should be alright.
  11. I usually use a smokeblow (which I assume you call a sploof) but I always smoke where my dad smokes in the basement. it's usually ok though because the smell blends in with my dad's pot smell but if he hasn't smoked in a while and it doesn't smell in there usually the smell is gone in like 3 hours

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