Can I Plant After RoundUp?

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  1. Can I use RoundUp on a mat of English Ivy in my back yard and start an organic vegetable garden after? Are there any alternative, organic methods? Does that vinegar solution work? This crap is taking over my back yard (we just bought the house)! HALP! Half of the yard and two big ass trees out back are covered in it. The tree I got (just cut the stems).

  2. Getting rid of English Ivy isn't easy, even if you do choose to use something like round up.  IME, digging the plant up and removing the root system has been more successful than other methods. Whenever you see a new plant coming up, dig it up and remove as much of the root system as you can. It's important to get the roots out of the ground or it'll keep coming back. 
    Personally, I wouldn't use round up. 
    Good luck!
  3. Big ass bulldozer, on soil and plant, then reinstall a pile of fresh organic mix,....good to go
  4. You will be ok as long as you wait till after a good rain. When roundup is washed into the soil it breaks down into harmless chemicals.

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    Ivy can be easily be removed by tugging it out. Loosen the foliage with a rake first, then pop the root ball out with a shovel. It is very easy and doesn't poison the land with chemical toxins that never fully degrade. And harm the ecosystem considerably. More over, Round up only affects seeds, preventing them from germinating. Weed and Ivy seedlings are the easiest weeds to deal with. Just pull them out. You're on your hands and knees on the soil, get close and personal with it because when you nurture the soil it nurtures your crops the same.
    it would do better to remove the berries. if you must spray roundup then make sure you apply some fresh compost to the land so it will break dfown sooner
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    Roundup is a post emergent herbicide it only affects what you spray it on it has no effect on seeds that is why it only lasts for a short time....  Once it dries it breaks down into harmless salts.... Well not quite , it will lock up certain minor nutrients . If you are planting fruit trees make sure you spray the area with a humic / fulvic product, probably not a bad idea for a veggie garden . and no it is not ORMI certified.

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