Can I pass a drug test in 21 days?

Discussion in 'General' started by Sunny side up, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. So I got hurt at my job and they drug tested me on the spot. I haven't smoked in 21 days. Really the only duration I smoked was for a month and I probably consumed an eighth to myself during this month. I am a 138 pound, 5"7 female with an average metabolism. Within the 21 days of not smoking I have run five miles three times a week and had switched to a more physically active position at my job (which is how I hurt myself). Physically active as in moving around 40-50 pound boxes for eight hours in a day five days a week. My diet has been pretty clean, not high in sugars or fats. I guess the most fatty things I've eaten are cheese and milk but otherwise it's been fruits, nuts, vegetables, and chicken. I've been making these fruit and vegetable shakes too with peanut butter and milk for meals. I definitely have lost a few pounds in this time, drank plenty of water, and sweat plenty. What are my chances? I won't know until Wednesday and I'm uber worried!
  2. An eighth during the whole month and its been 21 days? Yeah, you should be more than good.
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  3. You should be good based on your physical activities
  4. Hard to get a guarantee on something like this. You're gonna have to anticipate the results - thinking it could go either way. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

    In the future get some synthetic urine...then you can keep puffing and know to a much higher degree you're gonna past the screening.

    I'd say you have a good chance though. Esp bc you're active & not overweight :smoking:
  5. I think I did pass, it's Friday now and they were supposed to know by Wednesday. I don't suspect they'd tell me that I passed because I'd assume they think I don't smoke so why should they have to tell me, right? If I don't smoke then I would have known I'd pass anyway! I think they'd only confront me about it if I failed. Hopefully I'm not wrong about this, I mean for all I know the mail could be slow but gawd I hope not!
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