Can I pass a drug test in 16 days

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  1. So I have a drug test tomorrow. I havnt smoked in 15 days, 16 days tomorrow. I'm not that big , I'm 5'5 I weigh like 115 pounds. I actually passed a ua once and I smoked two days before it, I didn't do anything to flush out my system. ( I was very surprised I thought I was gonna fail). But anyways this time I'm on probation and its important I pass. I was suppose to have it last week but my parol officer was sick thank god.... but I've been trying to flush out my system. I'm going to take a shot of vinegar tonight and one in the morning. Do you guys think I could pass and is there anything else I can do to increase my chance. I have some acai detox pills I don't know if they would help but yeah.

    Anything helps

    Jah bless...
  2. take the Acai detox pills, go running in the am, drink a shitload of cranberry juice and let us know if you pass or not
  3. bentonite clay and fiber in water by great plaines
    or sonny seven its the same concept
    both affordable and 10 bucks with last a while
  4. Where can I purchase it?
  5. online or any health food like store
    call around
    just take it like tea spoon or two every 2 hours with a tall glass of water for three days(follow the directoions on bottle.)
    and take a lot of vitamins and other stuff for the rest of the time and don't smoke
    seen it work fast,
    used it myself
    just can't smoke
  6. not a mask a true detox.
    so make sure u get some healthy food in you after
  7. My drug test is tomorrow so I don't have time to do it for three days but I'm gonna buy that and use it In the future cause I'm on probation

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